Jiangcheng public security couple, put down wedding photos, into the war “epidemic” front line

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Original title: Jilin warm moment in the epidemic epidemic jiangcheng police couple, put down their wedding photos, to fight the first line of “epidemic” “how so long it has not been our turn?We’re almost one point in line already!””A middle-aged man shouted at workers in protective suits.The man was pushing a wheelchair, on which sat an elderly man.In the chilly spring, a long queue, one meter apart, stood in front of a residential area in Chuanying District, Jilin City, waiting for nucleic acid testing.Some staff did not even have time to eat, has been sampling residents to reduce the waiting time, but the queue, really too many people.Hearing the Shouting of a middle-aged man pushing a wheelchair, a staff member in a white protective suit stepped forward to patiently persuade him, hoping that he could understand and cooperate more.Seeing the old man in the wheelchair with pale hair and difficulty in moving, and the weather turning cold, the staff requested the two of them to go back home first and wait for relevant personnel to come to the house for sampling.This neat and considerate staff member is a young policewoman named Yang Xueyi, from Xiangyang Police Station of Chuanying Public Security Sub-bureau in Jilin City.Not far from the policewoman Yang Xueyi in the neighboring community, a community police officer from the Xiangyang police station Yuan Ye also in the post to perform duties.These two young police officers, who seem to be colleagues from the same police station, are actually a happy couple, no, husband and wife.On February 14, the two had already obtained their marriage certificate and booked their flight tickets on March 5 to take a lifetime worth of wedding photos.Before we could leave, the epidemic hit.Two people immediately decided to return the plane ticket, take the initiative, without hesitation into the fight against the epidemic front line.Yuan Ye, joined the police in 2018;Yang Xueyi, joined the police in 2019. Two young policemen, both born in 1995, met and fell in love with each other in Xiangyang Police Station of Chuanying Public Security Sub-bureau. They worked and struggled together and dreamed of their bright future together.Their future is shared by the city, and countless public security civilians and auxiliary police officers stand side by side with them, united as one, building a solid defense against the epidemic in all respects, protecting our homes and our people with loyalty and dedication.Photo of Cao Yiqun from Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau