Langmai Medical completed a new round of financing of 100 million yuan and investment by Decheng Capital

2022-06-23 0 By

February 15 reported recently, the domestic orthopedic minimally invasive field of medical equipment enterprise Shanghai Langmai Medical Device Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Langmai Medical”) announced the formal introduction of Decheng capital to complete a new round of 100 million yuan investment.Longman medical focuses on the design and development of minimally invasive orthopedics, especially in the field of minimally invasive spine, and is committed to providing a total solution of minimally invasive spine.The core team of Langman Medical is deeply engaged in the Chinese orthopaedic industry, with more than 15 years of industry experience per person, mainly from the leading domestic and foreign orthopaedic minimally invasive enterprises, such as Minimally invasive, Johnson & Johnson.Through in-depth research and understanding of the technology and industry, we are committed to developing diversified products including minimally invasive spinal surgery supplies, foraminoscope, bone cement and energy platform, covering OVCF treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture, spinal endoscopic treatment of simple disc lesions and minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment.Meanwhile, the company has applied for more than 10 national patents and obtained 16 medical device registration certificates, including 4 third-class registration certificates and 12 second-class registration certificates.Since 2018, the company has successively obtained a number of qualifications and titles such as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, “Specialized and special New” enterprise, Shanghai Standardization Pilot and so on.After the financing, RON Wallace medical surrounding current field of minimally invasive spine, plan the future strategic m&a integration orthopaedic field new technology, new products, new materials, the future strategy to end form more brand product sales, to provide customers with more comprehensive solutions, more quickly and efficiently help Michael lang penetration in the domestic market, accelerate the home-manufacturing process industry as a whole.Xin Zhou, Founder and CEO of Longman Medical, said, “We are very grateful to Decheng Capital for their recognition of the company and their support for the next step of Longman’s strategic development.After the completion of this financing, Longman medical will not only deepen the commercialization strategy to rapidly expand the market, but also strategically consider the extension mergers and acquisitions, strengthen its layout in more innovative minimally invasive spine products, new orthopedic materials and other fields, and form an effective collaboration in different segments of orthopedic solutions.In the future, Longman Medical will step into a new journey of internationalization strategy and realize continuous growth and new development of self-breakthrough.Along the way, we thank the old shareholders for their trust and support, and hope to get more help from Decheng Capital in the international and domestic markets in the new journey.”Xu Wei, partner of Decheng Capital, said: “Langmai Medical is a young, energetic, professional and vigorous entrepreneurial medical device company. The company has been forging ahead in the 10 years of entrepreneurial growth, and has gradually formed a relatively complete spine minimally invasive solution products and technologies through self-research and production, cooperative agency and other ways.The company has the courage to innovate from traditional to innovative business model, facing the increasingly competitive orthopaedic market, perseverance, innovation and change.At present, the development momentum of domestic brands in the Chinese market is very strong. In the field of minimally invasive spine, compared with other segments of orthopedics, there is still a large space for domestic replacement. Langman is expected to become the leader of the rapidly growing young area in the spinal medical device industry, and set a benchmark for domestic orthopedics device brands.We hope that this investment from Decheng Capital can help Longman’s long-term and sustainable development, and we are very grateful for longman’s trust in Decheng Capital.”