Changsha Luisi Meng Musical School presents children’s stage play “Angel School”

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Central Academy of Drama x Louie BUD Drama Cultivation program hits changsha Headlines, Hunan January 27, 2022 Changsha News (Wang Yiqun, chief reporter of all Media) “Wait for me, I will come back!”At 7:00 PM on January 25th, the stage of l1-106 Louis-Sprout Musical Academy of Changsha County star And Magic Party was beautiful and charming. The original children’s stage play “Angel School” was performed here, and the X Louis-Sprout BUD Drama cultivation program of Central Academy of Drama blossomed in Changsha.At the end of the performance, applause from the audience showered the “little angels” and their hard-working teachers.According to the report, the original children’s stage play “Angel School” by THE Chinese Academy of Arts and Crafts (CSC) is a touching story.The story happened in a small town south of the Yangtze River. It was 1939, shortly after the outbreak of the all-out War of Resistance against Japanese aggression, Miss Qin, who had graduated from normal Girls’ Middle School, returned to her hometown and founded the “Angel School”, which took in the children who were homeless because of the war.She is like this, a person with thirteen “angels”, living hard but simple happy days.Be in however right now, an “uninvited guest” appear, thoroughly upset her life.”Angry” she, and “stubborn” he, by mutual hostility, but just hand in hand through one after another difficulties, mutual pity, mutual feelings.This is to escape the war “coward”, finally found “home”, in any case to protect the family, resolutely choose to go to the battlefield.Before he left, he only left a promise, “wait for me, I will come back,” so Miss Chin has been waiting here, waiting for him to return…After a year of hard work, the play is based on the “Children’s Theater” of the Communist Party of China founded in Shanghai in 1937 and the “Peasant Drama” in Dingxian county, Hebei province, which was presided over by the playwright Xiong Foxi at the same time.With the help of the background of the War of Resistance against Japan, this play is different from the old routine of dramas in the previous era. It uses different angles to interpret the twists and turns of personal fate and the doomed joys and sorrows.Through the two leading men and women and 12 “little angel” superb performance, so that the audience to achieve visual satisfaction and enjoyment, through the appreciation of the “little angel” pure interpretation, the audience triggered a strong emotional resonance.Shi Yitong, from the Drama education department of the Central Academy of Drama, plays Miss Qin, while Zhang Yuqi, from the acting department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, plays Mr. Zhe.”Iverson played by Jiang Lezhi, embroidered embroidered” played by Zou Jun shine, “a lot” played by Li Xuanting, played by jontin “north”, “rossi” played by even Chen yu “, “ears” played by Chen Youhui, played by constant practice of “small northern jiangsu”, “little” played by Chen Xi yu, “little” played by Hu Jiahao, played by Zhang Qirui “article”,”Little Leaf” is played by Wei Yang Bowen and “Little Treasure” is played by Li Tianxiao.The program aims to popularize aesthetic education and bring professional drama to more children.The production team of the Central Academy of Drama is composed of 13 members from the drama education department, directing department, choreography department, lighting department and makeup department of the Central Academy of Drama, as well as the performance department of Shanghai Theatre Academy and wuhan University.Louis Meng Musical School is the producer of this activity, the producers are Li Ge and Li Xuehan, and the chief executive is Liang Yuelong.After the performance, Liang Yuelong, founder of Louis Meng Broadway Musical Academy and chief executive producer of the play, gave a speech. Li Ge, founder of twenty Twenty Troupe and producer of the play, issued the completion certificate for the “little angels” who participated in the performance. After that, excellent students will have the opportunity to follow the team on a national tour.Parents and all the audience turn on mobile phone torches, like the bright stars in the sky flashing.After all the young actors and their teachers took pictures together, parents impromptu took pictures with their children.