“I am on duty during the Spring Festival Holiday” February 3 (Grade 3)

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“Welcome the warm spring, the Year of the Tiger is a good Spring.”Today is the third day of the first month of the Year of Yin tiger, the city, the sun is shining, blue skies, people are still immersed in the festival, joy and harmony of the New Year.No production safety accidents, natural disasters and forest fires were reported in the city, and the overall safety situation was stable.The municipal Security commission Office, the Municipal Forest Prevention Office and the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau earnestly implemented the arrangements and deployment of the provincial and municipal safety prevention work, and continuously issued risk alerts on production safety, coal mine safety, hazardous chemical safety and gas safety during the Spring Festival.Strengthen the command and dispatch of all districts, counties and industry departments, adhere to the supervision and inspection of the sinking line, open and secret inspection of grass-roots work safety, forest fire prevention, emergency guard work;We insist on 24-hour emergency preparedness to ensure safety and stability during the “Spring Festival” and create a good security environment for the people of the city to spend a happy and peaceful New Year holiday.At 8:30 a.m., the city emergency rescue center director Mu Ming presided over the on-duty handover meeting, study and judgment of the security situation, emphasizing today’s emergency duty and supervision and inspection work.Subsequently, shift leader, safety in production supervisory team division marshal port engine ning chaired a meeting of the city’s emergency management system video dispatch meetings, communicate Zhao Yide governor, Hao Guangyao executive vice mayor in the duty to love on February 2, 133 memorandum spirit and emergency provincial video scheduling conference spirit, request the lines in each district and county, to strengthen the hidden perils and fight all kinds of accidents,Ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.17 PM, ministries and agencies shift leaders held MuJun video dispatch meetings, conveys the shang on February 3, vice minister of video scheduling in spirit spoke at the meeting, reported the entire province safety in production, supervision inspection, emergency on-duty, etc., and to do during the winter Olympic Games security work and the recent extreme rain and snow weather to work request.Zuo Cheoning, the shift leader, attended the video dispatching meeting at the branch meeting and reported the work situation of production safety, forest fire prevention and emergency guard since the Spring Festival holiday.Zhang Xiaohu, the party committee member of the preparation leadership, led the preparation staff to take “four not two straight” “eight check eight look” and other ways, secretly visited the Town of Tai ‘an, According to the town of Gold government, check the personnel on duty, emergency preparedness, hidden trouble investigation, forest fire propaganda and education;Random inspection of the use of tiantong satellite and geological disaster site safety prevention work in Nanta Village, inspection of the municipal forest fire rescue team, municipal Zhaojin fire rescue team, Sinopec Oil and Gas Development Company emergency guard and safety prevention work.Require each unit always remain on high alert, watching fireworks, dangerous chemicals, coal mines, road traffic and forest fire prevention, and other areas of the key industries, strengthening security patrols during the holiday, to strengthen emergency on-duty, strictly implement the leadership on shift and 24 hour on-duty system, keep clear of days through emergency communications equipment such as satellite.Duty personnel Li Li, Li Xiaoping on duty, telephone spot check of the city bureau of Culture and Tourism, the city forestry Bureau, the city Transportation Bureau and Liulin Forest farm, Jiaoping forest farm, Crying quan forest farm safety production, forest fire prevention, emergency duty on duty situation, duty personnel are in office.The municipal Zhaojin Fire rescue team and the municipal Forest fire rescue Team are on full duty at their stations, and continue to carry out work safety and forest fire prevention inspections in tourist attractions and key forest areas.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com