The annual investment of 4.8 billion yuan in industrial projects was completed.Marina Bay building “ballast stone”

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In 2021, Marina Bay completed a total investment of 4.806 billion yuan in industrial projects, and continued to accelerate the construction of OPPO Intelligent manufacturing Center, Vivo Intelligent Headquarters, Zhongzhong Science Park, Opfi Photoelectric imaging and other industrial projects.In late December 2021, the main structure of the first phase of OPPO Global Computing Center will be officially capped, and it is expected to be put into trial operation in the first quarter of this year.The project has been under construction for 13 months with a total investment of 1.476 billion yuan. Once put into operation, it will escort OPPO’s transformation into a global technology company.The OPPO Global Computing Center is the first to be built, which means that the construction of Marina Bay OPPO Intelligent Manufacturing Center has entered a new stage.In 2021, OPPO Intelligent Manufacturing Center project has completed a total investment of 1.719 billion yuan. Except for OPPO Global Computing Center, the north main structure of the three factory buildings in Plot B of the project has been capped, and the foundation pit construction of talent community in Plot D has been started.As one of OPPO’s four production and r&d bases in the world, OPPO Intelligent Manufacturing Center is expected to exceed 24 billion yuan in annual output value when it is fully put into operation, driving the new generation of electronic information industry in Dongguan to a new level.OPPO Intelligent Manufacturing Center OpFI Optoelectronic Imaging Industry Project by Marina Bay completed a total investment of 710 million yuan in 2021, exceeding the annual investment plan target.At present, the main construction of the first phase of the project is accelerating.Among them, no.1 and no.2 plant main building is expected to be capped in the middle of this year;Building A and B of No. 3 single-family R&D Building have been capped, while Building C and D have been constructed to the top, and the ceiling is expected to be capped in the first quarter of this year.In 2021, zhongzhong Science Park will complete an investment of 750 million yuan. Currently, it is accelerating the construction of foundation pit supporting engineering and pile foundation engineering in the first opening area, striving to start the construction of the first floor of the building structure in the first quarter of next year.The construction of industrial projects in zhengzhong Science Park has been accelerated, and the planning and investment promotion of key industries have been carried out simultaneously.Since 2020, Marina Bay has introduced “9 and 10” investment attraction policies, such as headquarters economy, capital market utilization, new-generation information technology and biomedicine, to establish a policy system of enterprise life-cycle service.In 2021, Marina Bay will release plans for seven strategic emerging industrial bases covering 20 square kilometers to accelerate the layout of strategic emerging industries.Focusing on key industries in the new area, Marina Bay is accelerating the formulation and implementation of two industrial plans for artificial intelligence and life and health, and systematically carrying out the planning study of “one park and two bases” for the 4,700-mu University science and Technology Park (life and health industry base and digital economy industry base), which will provide support for high-level scientific and technological innovation in the new area.Through the coordination of “space, industry, investment and policy”, Marina Bay accurately attracts the world’s top 500 companies, industrial chain leaders and potential enterprises, and takes a solid path of advanced industrial foundation and modernization of industrial chain, adding “anchor stone” and “engine” to the high-quality development of Dongguan.