Qingshan District new ditch bridge street: Lantern Festival words reunion government services warm hearts

2022-06-19 0 By

Of chaste tree hunan (hubei daily network) – (reporter the correspondent Jin-rong wang, Zhong Qingxin) in the year of the tiger on the arrival of the Lantern Festival on February 14, qingshan district new ditch bridge street Chiang’s pier community coalition government affairs service center street, hosted the “Lantern Festival reunion, e-government service warm heart” activity, through the yuanxiao guess riddles, and other forms of activities,The festival created a strong traditional festive atmosphere, with traditional lantern riddles, clean government riddles and government riddles printed with images of the Year of the Tiger. Each one was filled with happy smiling faces, making the activity full of a strong lunar New Year flavor.Guessing lantern riddles at the scene.Correspondent for figure guess riddles the activities of the site, the government affairs service center staff for community residents provide consultation service for e-government, who lives in binjiang school ouyang teacher see grid WeChat yuanxiao activities notice issued by the group, then came to the community in the early morning, after attending the guess lantern riddles activity, ouyang teacher also by consulting the families deal with retire year of careful.Government affairs service center staff explained the alipay to ouyang teacher carefully retire year of careful process, through the staff patiently explain, ouyang teacher is very satisfied, constantly praised the convenience of e-government network service, thank the government affairs service center staff carefully, let he never leave home can deal with retire year of careful later.At the same time, the government service center staff also provided residents with social security, medical insurance, advanced certificate for the elderly, individual industrial and commercial business license and other government services consultation.The government Service Centre provides policy advice to residents.Correspondents for the map “Lantern Festival words reunion, government services warm hearts” activity scene.Correspondent for the map staff said that through the Lantern Festival activities, not only inherited the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, to create a clear atmosphere of the festival, at the same time, but also increased the neighborhood of residents, so that the majority of residents to improve the awareness of government services, truly achieve zero distance government services.