Goodbye Machin!Hongyuan third stage of the list, small Kobe no, Zhu Fangyu has tried

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After Zhao Rui returned to the team for his first training session, the answer to one of hongyuan’s two great mysteries of the season — “When Will Zhao Rui return?” — was finally revealed.The biggest remaining mystery, after a season of speculation, is when marchant will return.According to zhu Fangyu, the boss of Hongyuan, Ma Shang could be back by the end of January “at the earliest” or early February at the latest.Now the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, but Machin Brooks still has no intention of coming back, it can be seen that the development trend of things, has exceeded Zhu Fangyu’s expectation.The tigers offseason after training to carry out, the squad has released the third stage, known as “little kobe” horse is Brooks, still will not on the list of the third stage, and if he couldn’t arrived in China before the middle of February, then we can announce in advance the horse is Brooks will completely miss the game all season!Compared with Yi Jianlian, The progress of Marshang’s rehabilitation has been “miraculous speed”. From the injury to the postoperative six months, when Yi could not walk on the ground, Marshang has started shooting training;When Yi was able to walk normally, Marchant even dunked the basket.However, a ruptured Achilles tendon is a career-destroying injury, as is the case in the NBA, where it took Kevin Durant and other stars more than a year to return to action under the best medical and rehabilitation conditions, so it will be difficult for Machin to fully recover and even play this season.The biggest problem, however, is not marchant’s recovery, but the fact that it is difficult for him to buy a plane ticket back home during the Winter Olympics.Even if Marchon is fit enough to play, if he doesn’t come back, it’s all for nothing.Tickets back home during the Winter Olympics are hard to get, and if Hongyuan and Ma Shang had not prepared in advance, they would not have been able to get them either.In Zhu fangyu’s scenario, if Marshang can recover well and return to China at the end of January, combined with time spent in isolation and training, he will be able to play at the end of the third stage.But to zhu fangyu’s surprise, Marshang’s recovery is not very optimistic, coupled with the return to the domestic ticket is very difficult to buy, and the third stage is carried out in advance, a variety of factors under the superposition, Marshang is afraid that there is no way to participate in this season’s race.And many fans also believe that even if Marchon could return to China and play in the playoffs or even in the third period, the rockets would not really let him play.Yi jianlian also suffered from a torn Achilles tendon, and it took him two months to get back into the game. If Marchamps were to return and throw himself into the intense playoff race, it would be hard to imagine what other accidents would occur.To be honest, Zhu fangyu has done her best.Both Zhu Fangyu and Hongyuan have done their best in terms of coordination with The team of Ma Shang and the provision of medical treatment and rehabilitation conditions of Ma Shang.However, It is true that Marshang suffered a serious injury such as ruptured Achilles tendon, and the epidemic is not optimistic, so it is difficult for him to return to the motherland as planned for various reasons.However, even if Ma can not come back, hongyuan will not disrupt the pace of the championship, after confirming that Ma is out of this season, Zhu Fangyu will contact other foreign aid at the first time, add enough fighting power, so that Hongyuan is fully prepared for the fourth consecutive championship attack!