The “tangyuan” surface of Sihai Lake in Jilin Province!Net friend: Too opportune

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Sihai Lake National Wetland Park in Taonan, Jilin province is a secret place in winter.Recently, a rare scene in the wetland of Sihai Lake was presented to the world. It was seen that ice masses gathered together under the ice of the lake, just like big glutinous rice balls, which even the local people had never seen before.As to specific formation reason, still wait for expert grind judgement.

Lantern Festival is coming
Netizens exclaimed
How appropriate!

If she doesn’t, her winter Olympics journey will be over…Netizens line up to comfort Jia Zongyang!This X-ray makes people cry. Urgent notice from the university: Postpone returning to school!China Weekly is a weekly magazine published nationwide on the 5th of each month.
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