What about the typical case?What does the national civil and administrative prosecutor have to say

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First national MinXing procuratorial outstanding case undertaker who the second session of the national 10 boutique MinXing procuratorial case undertaker who more than 460 endowment insurance premium payment in case the one-child central problems handling complaint reporting and handling mass incidents joint meeting briefing typical cases urged shut down 25 steel slag factory pollute the environment of procuratorial suggestion is included in the national civil administrative procuratorial work summarizes typical case urged one thousand muDestruction of cultivated land reclamation procuratorial suggestion is to be included in the national civil administrative procuratorial work summarizes the typical case of pine tiger bay Marine ecological environmental protection public welfare lawsuit highest write inspection report urged one thousand mu of procuratorial suggestion is written to the destruction of land reclamation and promote scientific development in procuratorial work report urged one thousand mu of destruction of land reclamation in selected the 30th anniversary of the typical case of civil administrative procuratorial work throughout the countryUrging a bureau to fulfill its duties, the case was selected as a typical case in the 30th anniversary of national civil and administrative procuratorial work……This is the transcript of some typical cases handled by Liu Xinhua, the director of the second Procuratorial Department of the Lanshan District Procuratorate and the first-level prosecutor, who has been engaged in procuratorial work for 14 years.On February 14, lanshan District Procuratorate held the second phase of “LAN Procuratorial lecture hall.I will tell “, Liu Xinhua at the meeting to share their prosecutorial stories and typical cases how to do, business assessment how to grasp the experience and practice, all the prosecutorial officers attended the lecture hall.Liu Xinhua from the prosecution, unswervingly adhere to and practice of their own faith in life, in the ordinary post to write his party, the law, the prosecution of the full loyalty, with practical action to interpret the ideological realm of a people’s prosecutor and unremitting pursuit.He has won honorary titles such as “National Procuratorial Organs Fine case Organizer”, “National Procuratorial Organs Excellent Case Organizer”, “The most Beautiful Prosecutor in Qilu”, Shandong “Enriching the People and Revitalizing the Lu” Labor medal, “Shandong Good Man”, “The City’s People satisfied with political and legal police” and so on.What about the typical case?Liu Xinhua put forward three ideas of handling cases, that is, “people’s affairs should be solved by heart;A small thing delayed long is a big thing.””As long as it involves the public interest, we should be single-minded and finish it to the end”, summed up the secret of handling typical cases, that is, “there is no brilliance waiting for, only the brilliance coming out of work;With the joint efforts of the team to handle high-quality cases, protect the people’s better life!”.How to grasp the business assessment?Mr. Liu talk about his understanding of assessment work and experience, he thought that as long as the “beginner’s mind, practice centered on people’s concept of justice” and “confidence, solid matter for first-class, flag is the work target of”, “with the whole heart, practice to learn, good at the work method of reference”, “perseverance, practice is good at innovation, dare to bear the work of measures”.Strive to every case, every small thing to do the best, can the case and work to do the best, promote the lanshan procuratorial work continue to write a new chapter.