China’s national football team defeated Vietnam

2022-06-17 0 By

On the first day of the New Year this year, China national Football Team lost 3-1 to Vietnam National football Team. When we lost to Japan before, I remember that the National football team players said that Japan was too strong to lose, but there is no reason to lose today.In fact, there are many reasons for the loss of National football team, but I only touch on the surface. As a teacher, I deeply feel that China’s football has lost in the family planning, why do you say so? Most families have only one child because of the family planning, and children are the treasure of the family.Remember I have a baby to play football in the class accidentally injured, parents come to school this schools and parents to safety as the highest goal, isolate, banned students after school to play, every parent school time at the school gate for fear that an accident waiting to pick up the kids come home immediately after school, they are willing to let the children to play outside, no space, even willing to let them play,Trolls can go to special football fields to play, but that kind of field fees are not affordable for ordinary families, the school football field is just a formality not open to the public, and students are not allowed to play.The big environment of football is gone, the mass base is gone and the future is gone.