Shao Lian township: mountain patrol forest protection ecology

2022-06-16 0 By

Grass and trees tendril hair, spring is expected to shexian County Shao Lian Township, full of green mountains, trees new buds, new spit of green, new risk of sharp, let the mountains suddenly new up, green up, live up;Surrounded by green mountains, the water is clear and cheerful, facing the spring, the perfect ecology of green waters and green mountains, let people forget to return.And this, thanks to the in-depth practice of forest chief system.A sound ecology is the best way to improve people’s lives.In recent years, shao Lian township in order to effectively protect forest resources, further implement the forest chief system measures, the normal development of mountain patrol forest protection, strictly prohibit the illegal use of fire, deforestation and other destruction of forest resources and poaching and poaching of wild animal and plant resources and other illegal behavior.This year, combined with Arbor Day actively carry out green action, voluntary planting of all kinds of seedlings more than 6000 strains.At the same time, actively develop understory economy, build understory base more than 200 mu, protect ecology and develop industry organic unity.