Doctors remind: when liver cancer comes, the body may appear these three major abnormalities, do not take it lightly

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“Your husband’s liver cancer has happened many metastasis, the prognosis is estimated not too good!”A patient came to the clinic today. He had a dull abdominal pain 3 months ago and didn’t think much of it.Three months later, he noticed abdominal pain was more frequent and his complexion was a little yellow.When his wife saw the situation, she realized the seriousness of the matter, so she took her husband to the hospital.At the hospital, the outpatient doctor carefully asked the patient’s medical history, and then prescribed a blood routine, liver function and abdominal CT examination.After the examination results, moderate anemia, bilirubin significantly increased, multiple abdominal metastases.After the doctor took the patient out, he explained the case to the patient’s wife and addressed the question at the beginning of the article.In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the incidence of liver cancer.In order to let you have more knowledge and understanding of liver cancer, today’s good advice to talk with you about the relevant knowledge.1. Compared with other cancers, the incidence of liver cancer is not high, but the mortality rate is relatively high: according to authoritative data in 2020, the number of new cases of liver cancer in the world is about 900,000, while the number of new cases of liver cancer in China is about 410,000, ranking first in the world.While the number of new cases of liver cancer may seem high, it is nothing compared to common cancers such as lung and stomach cancer.You may wonder why the number of liver cancer cases in China is so high.Actually, this basically concerns with our country hepatitis the number of sick on the high side.According to the survey, among the patients with liver cancer, most people have hepatitis B or are in the state of carrying hepatitis B virus.Hepatitis B vaccination is free in China, but many people were infected with the virus before the vaccine was available.According to available data, there are at least 90 million chronic hepatitis B patients in China.In addition, hepatitis C is also an important cause.Preliminary estimates suggest there are as many as 10 million hepatitis C virus carriers in China, most of whom do not know they are carriers.Some of these patients will unknowingly move on to cirrhosis or even liver cancer.Hepatitis – cirrhosis – liver cancer is the trilogy of liver cancer, the number of hepatitis, the incidence of natural liver cancer will not be low.In addition, alcohol consumption, aflatoxin, obesity, and certain Traditional Chinese medicines all increase the risk of liver cancer.Hepatocellular carcinoma is called “the king of cancer”, mainly because of its high mortality rate.According to the survey, only about 10% of the patients with liver cancer survive five years.The high mortality rate of liver cancer is related to several factors.Most patients with liver cancer have no obvious symptoms in the early stage, and even if there are symptoms, they are easy to be ignored.For example, if someone has indigestion, bloating, do you come in and consider liver cancer?Apparently, not many people think so!When liver cancer comes to many people, the reason why they do not have obvious symptoms is mainly because of the strong compensatory capacity of the liver.Studies have shown that 30% of the liver can meet the body’s needs.In other words, as long as the normal liver is more than 30 percent, it is possible for liver cancer patients to have no symptoms at all.When the liver is less than 30 percent functional, liver cancer has progressed to an intermediate stage.2. When liver cancer comes, the body may have these three abnormalities. Do not ignore them: There is no specificity in the following three symptoms of liver cancer, even if they occur at the same time, it is not necessarily liver cancer.However, it should be noted that if these three abnormalities occur in high-risk groups for liver cancer, such as patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis, it is necessary to be vigilant against liver cancer.Objectively speaking, abdominal pain is a non-specific symptom. Many diseases can cause abdominal pain, such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and enteritis.When the liver becomes cancerous, it multiplies rapidly.When the liver cancer has multiplied to a certain extent, it may invade the liver capsule, causing abdominal pain.In addition, if liver cancer progresses, it may break through the liver envelope and spread to nearby organs, causing abdominal pain.After many people appear abdominal pain, it is possible to take a little medicine to alleviate the symptoms, but these are also easier to delay the illness.The body normally produces bilirubin, and one of the liver’s jobs is to process it.If the liver becomes cancerous, its function decreases.When the liver’s function declines to a certain extent, its ability to process bilirubin decreases, causing jaundice.In addition, if liver cancer is advanced enough, it can block the biliary tract, causing obstructive jaundice.After getting obstructive sex icteric when the person, can appear sclera yellow catch, urine hair yellow, defecate hoar symptom.When the liver becomes cancerous, it multiplies a lot. During this process, the cancer cells consume a lot of nutrients.People eat a limited amount of food every day, and when cancer cells consume more energy to grow, the body gets less energy, leading to weight loss.The liver itself also has a certain function to help digestion, if a person has liver cancer, the digestive ability of the human body must also be weakened.At the same time, if liver cancer metastasizes, it can invade the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the digestive system’s ability to digest food and wasting away.If you eat the same amount of food and exercise as usual but lose more than 10 kilograms in a month or 20 kilograms in six months, you should be on alert for cancer.3. Should we prevent liver cancer in our lives?In fact, no matter what disease, we want to prevent it, it should start from its cause.The common causes of aristolochia cancer mainly include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, drinking, eating food contaminated with aflatoxin, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, obesity, and some Traditional Chinese medicines. Prevention of liver cancer should also start from these causes.In order to prevent liver cancer, we should pay attention to physical examination so as to find out the risk factors of liver cancer, such as diabetes, cirrhosis, hepatitis and so on.In addition, diabetes should be well controlled, a reasonable weight should be maintained, Chinese medicine (mainly aristolochia) should not be taken arbitrarily, and exercise should be maintained.I am a doctor’s advice, committed to using easy to understand language, share health knowledge, do your side of the health of the little assistant.If you think it is good and beneficial to you, just like it and forward it to others around you who have the same needs, so that more people can benefit from it!