After marriage, if a woman feels pain in two areas, it is likely that she is pregnant

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After a couple gets married, they usually keep an eye out for pregnancy.If you’re planning to get pregnant, that’s good news.However, some babies come out of the blue, which can take a couple by surprise.Whether the baby is planned or unplanned, it’s better for expectant mothers to know early if they get pregnant.In this way, in early pregnancy, pregnant mother can avoid some pits, so as not to hurt themselves or the baby.In fact, women after pregnancy, if carefully observed, can feel the body is not the same.When I went to the doctor early in my pregnancy, she explained that when a woman is pregnant, there are “signals” in two parts of her body.If you happen to be trying to get pregnant, you might want to keep an eye out for these two signs.(1) After pregnant women with chest pain, the body initially has changes, is the hormone.From the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant mother body will secrete progesterone.These hormones go into the breast and have an effect.Women will feel a dull chest pain at this time, which is different from the pain before the onset of menstruation.It’s so sensitive, it stings at the slightest touch.If have this kind of circumstance, be about to pay more attention, do not take medicine in disorder, lest affect fetus.If a woman is pregnant, it means that “Mr Sperm” and “Miss egg” have successfully met, combined into a fertilized egg.The fertilized egg implants in the uterus and erodes the uterine membrane, trapping itself in the endometrial matrix.And this process, will let the mother-to-be have a slight sense of pain.In addition, the uterus after pregnancy is not the same as usual, it will be involved, causing the expectant mother to have a feeling of abdominal falling.Pregnancy is not a silent process, it can be said to be “affecting the whole body.”After pregnancy, expectant mothers seem to have no change in appearance, but in fact, their bodies have undergone huge changes, making adequate preparations for the birth of a new life.02 how to self-check some mothers are more ignorant when they are pregnant, they do not know that they are pregnant, and may do something that is not conducive to fetal development in the early stages of pregnancy.Such as medication, hair color, or strenuous exercise.These things can have a big impact on the baby.In addition to the two “aches” mentioned above, we can also use other methods of self-examination.Bugu’s mother has always had the habit of keeping track of her periods.This is not to measure pregnancy, but to record menstruation, in life and work can bring convenience, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.I used to remember dates from memory, but sometimes I got so busy with work that I forgot.Later I resorted to tools, such as “Mother network pregnancy app” has a “period”.Fill in the information of your aunt at ordinary times, it will show your period, ovulation period, ovulation day, simple and easy to use.If you’re trying to conceive, you can use it to prepare for ovulation.And if you’re wondering if you’re pregnant, check your period information above to see if your period is overdue.If you have a regular period but suddenly delay it, it is likely that you are pregnant.◆ After cuckoo’s mother became pregnant, she was possessed by the god of sleep and could not leave her home a block away.Because I would probably break down walking and have to find somewhere to sleep.After pregnancy, pregnant mother has to bear the workload of two people, coupled with the consumption of energy, pregnant mother is easy to appear fatigue and want to sleep.Drowsiness usually becomes apparent after six weeks of menopause, and if you find yourself suddenly feeling sleepy, it could be a sign that you’re pregnant.◆ Nausea after pregnancy, early pregnancy reaction followed, the more obvious is morning sickness.This is the kind of vomiting that makes you initially think you’re sick or that you’ve eaten something wrong.But don’t take any medicine. Get it checked by your doctor.Morning sickness is an obvious pregnancy reaction.If you feel nauseous and want to vomit, you should also pay attention to whether you are pregnant.If, after a series of tests, you find out that you are indeed pregnant, congratulations!Your baby is racing towards you at a rate of 2.5 million nerve cells per minute!In early pregnancy, in order to the health of the baby, some things can not be done, pregnant mother must know!When I was pregnant, I used to check the pregnancy tips on the Momsnet pregnancy app.The “Early pregnancy Guide”, for example, provides information on documentation, diet, contraindications and pregnancy control.Pregnant mothers can download their own view.Among them, there are four things that should not be done in the early stage of pregnancy.(1) Do not mention heavy things when pregnant mother lift heavy things, the abdomen will be stressed, may lead to uterine contraction.When I was pregnant with a girl, I brought home a watermelon at the door, and I got a stomachache for a while.Pregnant mother in pregnancy try not to do heavy work, lift heavy objects, so as not to harm the fetus.It is better to leave these physical tasks to the expectant father.② Do not have a husband and wife life in the early 3 months of pregnancy, the baby and the uterine wall is not closely connected, fetal development is unstable.If you are married during this time, it can cause miscarriage.It is best not to soak in hot springs and sauna during pregnancy, and the temperature of the bath water should not exceed 40 degrees.Because too high water temperature may damage the baby’s brain cells.After we get pregnant, we can’t bounce around like little girls anymore.After all, you’re a mom. You have to be reserved.Kidding, early pregnancy can not be vigorous exercise, the most important, or fetal development instability.Violent movement or jumping, easy to make the placenta off and miscarriage.At ordinary times can choose a bit more gentle movement, such as walking, yoga and so on is still good.How did you react when you didn’t know you were pregnant?