Jet Li has been lambasted in a video posted by 74-year-old Gong Xuehua

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Do you remember jet Li, the kung Fu emperor?In recent years, his comments have been mostly positive.But on January 30, according to Hong Kong media, 74-year-old actress Gong Snowflake posted a video denouncing Jet Li, saying that Li is a cheating and adulterous man in the entertainment industry. Huang qiuyan left the United States due to her failed marriage to Jet Li, and she will never see her daughter again.Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan are the division sisters of Shichahai Martial Arts School.When Jet Li was 8 years old, he joined the Shichahai Wushu team. Huang qiuyan was already in the wushu team at that time, and naturally became his senior teacher sister (Huang is two years older than Li). Because Of Huang qiuyan’s lively and cheerful personality, they often play together and grow up slowly.In 1985, Huang took care of Jet Li when he broke his leg in an accident while filming North and South Shaolin.They married quietly in June 1987 and had two daughters.In order to take better care of her family and support Jet Li’s work, Huang chose to give up her job and focus on staying home to raise her husband and children.In 1989, Jet Met Li Zhi on the set of Dragon Is at the End of the World, and they quickly fell in love, which eventually led to his divorce from Huang.Jet Li admitted that he knew who he really liked after meeting Li Zhi.In order to verify his relationship with Li Zhi, Jet Li and Li Zhi agreed: “after 10 years, we will get married.”In 1999, Jet Li kept his promise and got married in a big ceremony in Los Angeles, USA.Emotional things who can not say clearly who is right who is wrong, happiness is like shoes, only wear people know whether to fit, outsiders can not know.Jet Li and Huang qiuyan’s marriage is not a matter of judgment, we will wait for the parties to respond.