How to write the resignation report?Don’t worry about it in the future

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Article | for more than a total of 1573 words in full, the reading time about 3 minutes to resign report how to write?Many people’s first instinct is to find a reason for leaving that is good enough to go smoothly without being asked to stay, but also one that maintains a semblance of peace and does not make the boss feel offended or blamed for leaving.But in fact, a good resignation report, is a legal document, to avoid labor disputes with the company.In this article, I will first give a relatively short sample of the resignation report, and then explain why it is written in this way.Dear leaders of the company: thank you very much for the training of the company and all the leaders for me since I joined the company in X month in X year, and let me grow from XX to XX.Considering my future career development and planning, I plan to resign on X X, X year (the date of writing the resignation report will be postponed for 30 days). Please arrange appropriate candidates for handover as soon as possible.Before officially leaving, I will perform my job duties as always, and also sort out the work handover list and relevant work materials that need to be handed over as soon as possible. Please rest assured.If the company can arrange the work handover before X, X, X (the planned departure date written above), and confirm the early departure, I can also cooperate with you at any time.Thanks again to the company and leadership training.Please feel free to contact us if there is anything unmentioned.Resignation person: XXX Department: XXX Date: X year X month X 02 Matters needing attention of resignation report 1, have written resignation report, still need to mention resignation to the leader face to face?My suggestion is that when you have made the decision to resign, you should first talk with your leader in person, especially if you have a close relationship with the leader.You can simply talk about your own plans and difficulties you are currently facing, so that the leader can empathize with you and support your decision. In this way, you can not only maintain a cooperative relationship after resignation, but also facilitate the cooperation of the leader in the subsequent resignation procedures and background checks.Chat with leadership to clear, and then submit a resignation report, this is to ensure that both sides have a security company and myself: departing employees has written resignation report, for the company, is a proof that employees take the initiative to leave, is not afraid of employees in the future in the name of his fired requires companies to pay severance compensation even;For the resigned employee himself, writing the resignation report is to fulfill the obligation of 30 days in advance written notice stipulated in the Labor Contract Law. After 30 days, regardless of whether the company has found someone to hand over the work, he can resign directly if he has fulfilled the necessary obligations.2: are there any special items need to be aware of, resignation report we have already said, in front of the resignation, is essentially a staff to perform the “labor contract law” regulation “30 days in advance written notice to the obligation of the company” a legal document and certificate, therefore, in writing, to pay special attention to the following points: first, do not appear “application”, “please approval” and related words.It has been clearly stated in the law that it is a “written notice”, so we should directly “notify” instead of “applying”. The application needs to be approved by the company and the leader. If the company and the leader do not approve, your “application” may not be regarded as the proof of fulfilling the obligation of “written notice”.”Resignation application”, “resignation application”, “resignation application”, all can not be used;Don’t use “please approve” or “I hope your boss approves” either.Secondly, if the resignation report is clear “notice”, and do not let a person have deliberate room to discuss.Generally speaking, leaders will try to keep a subordinate who is not that bad at his job when he leaves, either out of politeness or out of fear of losing a replacement soon.If the resignation report is written in an ambiguous way, so that the leader mistakenly thinks that he can retain it, and does not seriously look for the handover person, then it is likely to leave the time, and was asked to hand over the work before leaving.That would be a waste of time.By specifying exactly when you plan to leave, you can avoid any possible complications.Finally, make it clear what the company cares about, and present yourself as a professional who finishes what you start.There is a saying that quit to see the character, I say, more accurate is, quit to see the professional spirit.Even if you are no longer a colleague and no longer work in the company, you should unambiguously complete what you should do and fulfill your responsibilities.At the very least, even if you don’t have a strong desire to build a personal brand, having a good exit performance will make your boss and HR more likely to give you a good review when doing a background check at the new company.I am Yu Jie, HR of listed companies for more than 10 years, specializing in sharing practical tips on job interview and career development.Click the blue button on the upper left to follow me and grow into a more selective professional.If you have any questions, click “Ask now” below, and I will answer them for you one on one.