Ma Weidu: a peculiar Qianlong heavy implement, there are fish playing in the cup, belong to the elite goods of official kiln

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Will tell to collector, elegant implement this word is used to describe the antique that yongzheng appears at hand more appropriate.After all, Emperor Yongzheng’s aesthetic was very close to that of the Song people.Song people have a very good grasp of the words “elegant” and “introverted”, especially in some antique porcelain and calligraphy and painting, which are very well reflected.By the Time of Kangxi, this aesthetic had become a style.Especially to the Qianlong period, the cultural symbols reflected on the ancient porcelain are as lively as they want.However, the following piece of porcelain, a small individual can represent the existence of a kind of elegant ware, especially in the Qianlong period, this kind of treasure is even more difficult to get.In the words of Ma Weidu: Qianlong period of technology and production level reached the highest level, if there is not too busy baby, it must be very popular.Similarly, this strange Qianlong heavy ware, the scene of fish playing in the water appeared in the cup, the production is clever and has a sense of design, belonging to the rare fine goods in the official kiln ware at the same level.This heavy ware from The Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty is called a bucket color cup, or a fish play cup. The painting in the cup is the name of the cup.Since it is a swimming fish, there must be fish on the painting.The theme of fish splashing in the water is vividly drawn inside the cup.The diameter of the whole cup is only 6CM, but it belongs to the typical qianlong fetal quality. The fetal quality is fine and tight, and the fetal body made has reached the production level of the palace.Belong to the baby of the office, although it is fighting color, but also chose a more elegant style, if you do not look carefully, still think it is the baby of Yongzheng.Take a close look at the fetal body, can be used to describe tight and thin.The key is the details of the white glaze inside the cup, because there are also some swimming red fish in the glaze water.The inner wall of the tire is painted with alum red, but the scene in the painting appears in the cup.The clever thing is that if the cup is filled with water, then with the water shaking, the fish in the cup as alive, lifelike general existence.Have to say the craftsman of Qianlong period still has the clever idea that belongs to them, this also is the place that most an implement attracts a person most.In fact, the outer wall of the cup is also the water drawn by bucket painting, and it is combined with the falling flowers painted by alum red. The colors are elegant and fresh. The painting production also belongs to the level of craftsmen.Netizen’s comment: if the outer wall of this thing is painted a bit full, it would be better. I don’t like blank space to appear a bit thin.Qianlong’s baby is good, light and not yan, high realm.