Shougang Shenzhen hot fight each other, Zhao Yiming violence hit buckle, urgent Ramon jump kick feet

2022-06-09 0 By

Shenzhen and shougang team began the game, this is the last game of the second stage of the two teams, Shougang just grabbed the 8th, they don’t want to affect the record because of this battle, but the 6th Shenzhen also don’t want to lose, so the two sides will be riveted to the end.Lin came up with a 3-pointer, but Shen zijie finished it off at the rim, booker hit a 3-pointer on the counter, and Bird went on to finish it off at the rim.Opening shougang first three points ahead, but in under the shenzhen team which will take to 6 points, yanni, hurriedly shouted out suspended for the first time, buck up even 5 points, he feel hot, it is also one of the important reason for the shenzhen team lead, li mu strongmen play big bird get and completed 2 + 1, this is the first time that Jeremy assists to his score.Fan also scored two points under the basket, and Lin made a two-and-one on a counterattack that drew a roar from the Shougang players.Shen Zijie’s attack was double-teamed, but his point was also very good, but Wu Zihan failed to seize the opportunity, Shougang came back from the timeout to run 8-0, they stormed back to the lead, but in the next three seconds, He Xinen finished in the basket, the two sides fought 11-11,After he xining directly in the head of the other side pulled out a super – distance.Zhai Xiaochuan strong hit Zhao Yiming was hit, so the former get a free throw.Same with other one foul tactics to get free throws, booker sharp breakthrough assigned to Shen Zijie unceasingly, the latter also obtained the penalty, brown also get free throws, the two sides of the second draw Wu Zihan incredibly across the opponent with the back end, his waist and abdomen and athletic ability is too shocking, since Lu Pengyu 4 points, Raymond to go on the rampage in treading out feet.Lu Pengyu also assists Zhao Yiming in the counterattack to complete both hands basket smash dunk, this ball is really beautiful.