Gu Ailing is a typical child of others

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At 10 am on February 8, 2022, Gu Landed after completing a 1,620-degree rotation.It was a moment that attracted the attention of ten thousand people. Gu Ailing won the third gold medal of Beijing Winter Olympics for China team, and also won her first Olympic gold medal.Eileen Gu was born in San Francisco in 2003.Gu was born to an American father who divorced at an early age. She grew up with her mother and began to learn to ski at the age of three.Gu Ailing is often referred to as “someone else’s child”.She won the national junior ski championship at age 9 and had won more than 60 MEDALS by the time she was 16.Naturalized Chinese nationality at the age of 16.She is a darling on the cover of fashion magazines.Gu is also a small designer who designed her own winter Olympics clothes and skis.She is also good at riding horses and playing the piano.In 2021, Gu won gold MEDALS in super halfpipe freestyle skiing and slopestyle at the X Games.Gu Is a gifted and straight-a student.I studied the courses of senior two and senior three in one year.In 2021, she scored 1580 out of 1600 on a late US exam.Gu was accepted by Stanford University in the US.The girl insisted on sleeping ten hours a day, but her academic performance was the envy of those who wanted to be stabbed in the head.Some people say that Gu has a good family background, wealth and good genes. She even dug up the personal information of her mother, grandmother and grandfather, and the whole family are all excellent students.Others tried to track down Gu’s biological father as Google employee No. 5, only to be refuted.Gu said her skiing talent is less than 0.1 percent and depends more on hard work.She suffered a concussion in training and competition, a broken collarbone, a broken hand and a broken foot, but persevered.There is no denying that Gu’s talent comes first.Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you can’t achieve good results in many fields.Gu Ailing’s beauty and temperament are naturally born.Otherwise, she would not have become the fashion darling of the new generation.Tiffany&Co. ‘s Louis Vuitton and Swiss watch brand IWC have all courted her.Internet rumor has it that Gu Ailing flew to Paris Fashion Week on a private jet, which made her look like a rich woman.She made the Forbes list when she was 18.A self-deprecating netizen posted: “Gu And I have one thing in common: we are good at something we are not best at.Freestyle skiing is not her strongest event and she can win.Hot pot is not my favorite dish, but I can cook three bowls of rice.