Zouping heating stick to the heating post so that citizens warm New Year

2022-06-04 0 By

The warmth of the home is related to the happiness of thousands of families.In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of heating during the Spring Festival, so that we have a warm year, Zouping heating company staff stick to their posts, so that users spend a warm and comfortable Spring Festival.Zhu Yong is a veteran employee of zouping city heating company. As the head of the heating district, during the Spring Festival, he and the district’s butlers are divided into three groups to take turns in inspection to ensure the smooth operation of the district’s heating facilities.To ensure a warm Spring Festival for the general public, employees of the heating company will be on duty during the Spring Festival, said Zhou Tao, the dispatching center.Unit leaders are very concerned about the staff who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, and provide nutritious meals for the staff on duty, so that he and his colleagues feel particularly warm.”During the Spring Festival, taking advantage of the warm weather, we repaired, maintained and maintained the operating equipment of each heat exchange station to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.In terms of safety, our company has carried out a detailed inspection of the secondary pipe network in the area of jurisdiction and eliminated the hidden trouble.”Zouping heating company deputy general manager Zhang Yong said.According to Zouping electric power group manager Han Mingtao, during the Spring Festival, the electric power group purchased a sufficient amount of high-quality coal to ensure sufficient heat source during the Spring Festival, so that the majority of heat users have a warm and comfortable Spring Festival.Fan Qi, general manager of Zouping City Heating Company, said that during the Spring Festival, the company is fully on duty, according to the weather temperature scientific control, to ensure the majority of heat users room temperature standards.At the same time, the heating company also has emergency repair plan and professional emergency repair team, in order to timely deal with the sudden failure, to ensure that the city’s people spend a warm and comfortable New Year!Correspondent Zhang Jun