“True record” Hashimoto’s thyroid how to treat?Listen to Ms Cheng’s journey

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The story goes back to a few years ago. It was the first time I met this patient, Ms. Cheng, and she told me her symptoms and troubles with anxiety. With eager eyes, she hoped that I could help her solve the problem.She told me that she came to our hospital two years ago because of repeated neck discomfort and pharyngeal inflammation. At that time, she was diagnosed as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis after completing thyroid ultrasound and complete thyroid function.Since then, Ms. Cheng often dry throat pain, throat like fire, aggravating at night, drinking water can not alleviate, stuffy nose and dry nose, many times in the hospital toss and turn for treatment, symptoms are slightly improved but still repeated attacks can not follow, throat is always not refreshing, very painful.The patient came to me half a year ago and told me that she had a small cold two months ago. After taking gankang and other drugs after catching a cold, the above symptoms remained and had not been alleviated and she was in great pain. Therefore, she came to our hospital for treatment.Hashimoto’s disease is a chronic recurrent thyroid autoinflammatory disease. Most patients have no symptoms, but she has neck discomfort, dry throat, sore throat, and burning throat, and she says her symptoms cannot be improved by taking only Western medicine.After a long time communication, agreed to traditional Chinese medicine medicinal broth in treatment of patients with, choose a small radix bupleuri tonga subtraction treatment, informed patient relax, a week after the patient conscious, very happy, and I said I sleep very well, because no throat discomfort affect his sleep, the mood also improved a lot, I see her anxiety and improve many, instruct patients continue to liquid form treatment,In this way, Ms. Cheng solved the goblin that pestered him for two years.During the treatment of The patient Ms. Cheng, I paid special attention to the following three aspects in addition to the normal treatment based on syndrome differentiation:First, this disease belongs to autoimmune disease, the course of disease is long, although some patients with thyroid symptoms are not obvious, but the neck heat pain and other symptoms are obvious, there is also subclinical hypothyroidism, so we must follow the doctor’s advice to take medicine.Two, during the conditioning to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, can not be too anxious, otherwise it will backfire.Three, during the illness, the diet is light, prevent cold, cold easily cause repeated autoimmune inflammation aggravation.In today’s social pressure greatly, from life, more and more social details as hashimoto disease more and more, some patients have no symptoms is pure thyroid nodules, and some people more care about, the meeting is aggravating this kind of inflammation, as a TCM doctor, from the perspective of the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine from the emotional is more, the advantages of application of syndrome differentiation and treatment to help patients to treat disease,Only by knowing its cause can the problem be solved, Chinese medicine can regulate the liver and relieve depression, solve the problem fundamentally, and improve the symptoms of pharynx and emotional anxiety.