The public!Covering an area of about 40 mu, the high-tech zone has a new “science and technology real estate” new project

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Big ga good, I was looking for information to find the bald xiao Xiao.Today, the Shenzhen Science And Technology City Industrial Park has issued its planning permission, indicating that the project has entered the actual construction stage.In fact, we also wrote the manuscript last year when the news of this project just spilled out. At that time, some friends asked whether this plot was not XX Dingjiangshan project.Let’s talk today…According to the earlier information, shenzhen Science and Technology City Industrial Park project is located in the south of high-tech Zone, east of Jixian Street, west of Huaxin South Road, south of Xinghua Road, north of Hengzhou Avenue, covering an area of 26,869.76 square meters, about 40.3 mu.In January 2020, the land was auctioned by Hengyang Tongcheng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. and Peng Hongwei, with a transaction price of 358,400 yuan/mu and a fixed number of years for 50 years.After the establishment of Hengyang City Jun Long Real Estate Co., Ltd. is now the construction unit of the project, and in December carried out the land planning permit publicity.From the point of view of the design plan (subject to the latest public announcement), the project plans to build 11 class D plants, and will be positioned as an industrial (science and technology) real estate model, the development of high-tech industry and modern service industry.Last year, it was announced that the plot would enter the market as XX Dingjiang Mountain, creating villas + high-rise products.But when this land was bought, it was industrial land, and the fixed number of years was 50.In addition, Xiaoxiao checked the conditions of the land auction, which clearly indicated that the land use could not be changed;If the land use is changed, the land use right shall be recovered according to the residual value of the industrial land, and the buildings shall be demolished by the bidders themselves.Now think also after some adjustment, the Shenzhen science and technology city industrial park project qualitative as “science and technology real estate” mode, also meet hengyang vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, support strategic emerging industries, the construction of innovative city good opportunity.It is reported that the current project land leveling, facilitate the later construction, the other part of the building has been capped state.In terms of geographical location, the project is located at the intersection of Hengzhou Avenue and Huaxin Avenue. The superior location is also conducive to investment attraction and the development of its own industry/the introduction of other industries.Industrial parks can not only bring economic growth to the region, but also drive the gathering of resources, attract talents, and become value demonstration areas for innovation and entrepreneurship.In recent years, hengzhou Avenue opened to traffic since the radiation driven effect is obvious, along the commercial, industrial form is also step by step toward maturity, whether it has been built industrial park, or is the new industrial park, we think hengyang is the necessary way to better, so it is a good thing…END Do not copy, reprint without permission;If you need to reprint, you can contact customer service personnel authorization;If there is plagiarism, Hengyang property market will complain in the end, until deleted!