Style is inseparable!Ren Jialun and Chen Meng are back on the training ground of their childhood table tennis teammates

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Singer and actor Ren Jialun posted a photo with Olympic table tennis champion Chen Meng on Feb 4, the fourth day of Chinese New Year.Many people may not know that they grew up playing table tennis together.Ren Jialun said, “More than 20 years ago, we sweated here, and now we have a short reunion. We cherish our youth and will continue to work hard in the future.”Later, Chen meng shared the same set of photos, saying that she was so happy to stay at home with her family and get together with her old friends during this Spring Festival. Chen said this is the starting point and the beginning of her dream: “I hope that no matter how far we go in the future, we will never forget our original aspiration.”The buildings behind are “Qingdao Women and Children’s Activity Center” and “Xiaohaihua Children’s Square”. Although they look old, these places have witnessed their growth.Ren, who is five years older than Chen, has been learning to play table tennis since he was six and does a lot of training every day.In 2002, ren Jialun was selected to the Shandong Provincial Basketball Team at the age of 13 because of his excellent playing skills. At the age of 16, he had to retire due to injury and focus on his studies. At that time, Ren Jialun was still known as Ren Guochao.Chen Meng was selected to the Shandong Provincial Sports team at the age of 10 in 2004, and was selected to the national team at the age of 13, which seems to have been a notch above Ren jialun from an early age.Later, Chen Meng won many victories in the international arena, and her table tennis level was once ranked the first in the world.Although Ren later left his passion for table tennis, he and Chen meng forged a friendship from childhood that continues to this day.Ren often sends Chen some small gifts, and Chen often follows ren’s TV dramas and leaves messages for her.Net friend regrets “style is a circle, dream linkage”!In those days, the two children, one grew up to win glory for the country’s heroine, one is in the entertainment circle excellent entertainer of both virtue and art, are shining in their respective fields.Therefore, it is very important for people to associate with the circle, surrounded by positive people, encourage each other, and become excellent people together.This reunion, there’s gonna be a lot to talk about.The day before, Chen meng also shared a photo with her cousin Huang Xiaoming to wish everyone a happy New Year. It can be seen that Huang Xiaoming has also returned to his hometown in Qingdao.Chen Meng won the singles gold medal in table tennis at last year’s Olympic Games.Huang xiaoming said he prepared a welcome dish at home, and This time Chen meng finally ate it.Huang Xiaoming even proudly said: my cousin’s heat, I rub, I am happy I am proud!In January this year, Chen’s title changed to sun Yingsha, a young star born after 2000.However, Chen Meng is still in a good mood, there is no forever first, this also shows that China’s “talent on behalf of”, wish Chinese table tennis can continue to maintain a dominant position!