Chery launches officially certified used car business

2022-06-02 0 By

At present, China’s second-hand car market has entered a period of rapid growth, the scale of second-hand cars continues to expand, and gradually become an important pillar of the car market.The government also attaches great importance to it and is gradually improving relevant policies and regulations.Closely following the development of second-hand car market, Chery Automobile has launched official certified second-hand car business, built a trusted second-hand car trading platform for users, provided comprehensive and detailed one-stop solutions, and created a complete service system from acquisition, sales to after-sales.Chery official certification is a commitment to the quality of Chery second-hand cars. The used cars that can be “officially certified” need to meet the strict conditions of Chery.First of all, it must be a Chery automobile with a driving distance of less than 120,000 kilometers and a vehicle without major accident, fire or flooding.Second, second-hand vehicles must pass the chery brand standard seven-direction, 158 vehicle inspection, screening operation vehicles, chassis, powertrain without major modification, complete maintenance records.In short, Chery official certification, eliminate vehicle major risks, so that users can rest assured to buy!As new Chery has developed 7-step 128 strict standards for vehicle maintenance, 360° in-depth inspection, one by one, to achieve the promise of “let users rest assured”.After chery “official certification” of the second-hand car, restore ruxin driving fun, protect users’ car safety.Considerate service, Customer first Chery upholds the consistent service concept of “more convenient, more professional, more intimate”, focusing on customer first.Choose chery official used car, you can click to get your exclusive service.Users who buy chery second-hand cars can get one-year or 20,000km warranty from the original factory;Original factory 6 months (5,000 km) first guarantee;During the warranty period, you and your car can enjoy 24 hours free rescue, no worries at all;In addition, maintenance records are transparent, open and traceable;It is worth mentioning that chery official used car supports 7 days without reason to return the car, so that you buy a car without worry!Professional people do professional things. Chery officially certified second-hand cars make the whole process of receiving and selling vehicles transparent.Inspection and preparation of comprehensive standardization, so that each certification car is safe as new.For the majority of users, through chery official certification, greatly increase the security of car purchase, so that the purchase of more convenient, fast, secure.