Case study: ex VS current, a real life version of the tragedy of “competition”

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Case source: Referee documents network.Readers who like to watch ancient costume romance TV series must know that in ancient times there was a way of dueling called “matchmaking”.For the beloved woman, men will be in such a form of victory or defeat, and then hold the beauty.According to ancient documents and related materials, “matchmaking” does exist, but the form is slightly different from that in movies and TV series.However, it has been over a hundred years from ancient times to modern times, and this form is not suitable for the progress and development of contemporary society.However, it is surprising that in the 21st century metropolis of Shanghai, it really staged a “competition of arms” drama.Shanghai girl instigated a duel between the former and the present, thus brewing a tragedy.The farce’s heroine is Meng, a 23-year-old Shanghai native.Like all Shanghai girls, Meng stayed in Shanghai after graduating from college and found a stable job close to her home. She could earn money and stay with her parents, which made meng feel very satisfied.Stable life to Bring Meng mou, in addition to more and more drum purse, there are increasingly lonely heart.Just right now, a classmate party let her know the man with his age Yang mou.The 23-year-old boy, Surnamed Yang, was tall and handsome, which soon attracted Meng’s attention. To her surprise, Yang fell in love with her at the party.And so the young souls looked at each other.Just together when the two people, like a pair of conjoined body doll like inseparable, feelings of gradual fermentation let two people indulge in the other side of the gentle in unable to extricate themselves.However, behind the increasingly strong love, many disadvantages also gradually revealed.At first, just in love meng mou always feel Yang mou is a “boyfriend ceiling”, appearance, figure, ability and money all outstanding, but after a period of time, she found the fatal weakness of her boyfriend, that is lazy.How lazy can you be?After cohabitation, Yang mou changes the progress before, every day in addition to lying in bed sleeping, the rest of the time has been playing games.With Meng mou just love, Yang Mou is a stable job, but in the lazy drive, he began three days of fishing two days bask in the net, a few days will work.This Kind of Yang mou let Meng mou feel disappointed, she also gradually feel each other is no longer the aspiring teenager before.The last bit of affection spent, Meng mou put forward to break up, but was rejected by Yang Mou.The reality version of “competition and marriage” about why Yang mou will always rely on Shanghai meng mou, except for his own it seems that no one knows the reason behind.After breaking up, Yang mou did not “let go” Meng Mou, but every day at the door of Meng Mou block people, in an attempt to recover his girlfriend.More let a person feel suffocating is, this man actually made “a cry 2 make 3 hang” behavior, threat Meng mou if do not compound with him, oneself then jump down from upstairs.Helpless Meng mou can only placate the other side not to do foolish thing, try every means to avoid the pester of the other side.In this way, a period of time passed.A few months later, Yang suddenly found that his long-lost ex-girlfriend Meng had a new boyfriend, and the other was a 17-year-old minor, which made Yang almost angry.He couldn’t figure out where he was better than this seventeen-year-old barman, so he decided to knock on his door.Seeing his ex-girlfriend again, Yang, like a schizophrenic, cried and said he could not live without her, and threatened her with his own life.Under such torture, Meng mou finally can not stand.On November 6, 2020, because of this matter in the heart of meng mou and his new boyfriend Huang mou to find bestie, three people in Huang’s rental house while drinking while chatting, but let everyone did not expect is that the same morning Yang mou unexpectedly found the door.For a time, the atmosphere becomes awkward, all parties look on coldly, a war without smoke is about to break out.Finally, it was only when Meng came up with an “excellent” idea that they finally relaxed from the tension.”You two fight and I’ll go with the one who wins!”Voice just fall, Huang mou and Yang Mou first leng for a while, and then they wrestle together.All of a sudden, in a small rental house, two adult men each punch each other began a “duel”, although Huang is only 17 years old, but the height and strong degree is no less than Yang, the strength of the two people are almost the same, they are worried about whether they will be “cut off from the horse”.Worried about their involvement, Meng mou and boudoir hide in the toilet, but not a few minutes, two people heard the screams outside.Hurriedly pushed open the door, I saw a lot of blood on the ground, and at this time of huang mou has covered his stomach pain fell down.See this situation, Meng immediately called the emergency call, fortunately, medical treatment in time, Huang picked up a life, but also fell secondary disability.Tianshan lawyer views things gradually fermentation, eventually knowing that they hide but the legal punishment of Yang chose to surrender.Yang mou’s behavior, suspected of intentional injury crime, according to the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 234 provisions, intentionally hurt the body of another person and seriously injured, sentenced to more than three years and less than 10 years of imprisonment.Shanghai Intermediate People’s Court to Yang a case trial, and eventually sentenced to intentional injury defendant Yang four years in prison.At the same time, involved in the crime of Meng mou is also wrong, her behavior is suspected of abetting crime, according to the provisions of the Criminal Law, abetting others to carry out any crime, what crime to punish.Eventually, Meng mou also gets fixed – term imprisonment 3 years and 6 months.This is the end of the whole case, but there is a lot of reflection behind it.From Yang, he chose to hurt the behavior is impulsive and reckless, there are many ways to solve the problem, “violence against violence”, “violence against evil” is the most undesirable, not only hurt others, but also involved in their own.From the meng mou body, “matchmaking” behavior is naive and ridiculous, through violent behavior for love, eventually led to the irreparable outcome.Love is illusory, even more poison for young people, this thing may inspire us to learn to control desire and impulse in love, do not destroy life.