Behind the 3-1 defeat in Vietnam: The National football team burned 20 billion yuan, signed naturalized spending 870 million yuan, fans: call for disbandment

2022-06-02 0 By

On February 2nd, Beijing time, the news that The Chinese national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the preliminary round of the Asian 12th round still made most fans feel helpless and angry. This is the first time that the Chinese national football team lost to Vietnam in 62 years. Throughout the whole game, it was all-round suppressed by Vietnam, and it was the serious lack of its own strength that led to the loss.As a result of the defeat, the domestic fans of The Chinese men’s football team is completely disappointed, many fans called for the dissolution of the voice appeared.And, in fact, the development of Chinese football over the past ten years in all, according to the analysis of large domestic financial institutions, for the past ten years the development of the domestic professional soccer into, was the former guangzhou Evergrande clubs, spends up to 20 billion, in addition, the introduction of naturalized players on the input, there are as many as 870 million investment funds.A large amount of money has been invested, but reasonable results have not been improved. The failure of National football Team has hit many Chinese football people in the head, and they are absolutely confused about how to make Chinese football better.The 3-1 defeat of The National football Team against Vietnam has confirmed the words of fan Zhiyi, a famous football player in the past: “Thailand lost Vietnam, then myanmar, and then no one lost…No more faces!”A prophecy!Competitive sports, losing is original sin, the team’s in on the first day, in a humiliating defeat for the Chinese New Year, also directly let a lot of concern about China’s football development mentality, ultra fans called for dissolution of the Chinese national soccer team have the mood, dissolution of the football association, the dissolution of the Chinese super league: “no faith, no spirit, moral integrity, the bottom line, shameless!””We strongly call for the dissolution of the Men’s football team and the Chinese Super League.”The comments, which have received more than 10,000 likes in total, reflect the sentiments of the majority of the fan base, who are deeply unhappy with China’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam.However, the National Football Team is still the own team of Chinese sports. There are voices on the Internet that continue to emphasize the need to support Chinese football, and even the related topic “Please support Chinese football when it is temporarily in difficulties” hit the hot search, ranking first for a long time, which further expands the influence of the loss of the National football team. Some opinions say that,It is a kind of “shameless” behavior for ordinary people with an annual salary of only 50,000 yuan to support the National football player with an annual salary of 20 million yuan: “When you see this hot search, you get angry. Please support the Temporarily difficult Chinese football and have the face to support this performance?A guy making $20 million and a guy making $50 million?China’s lowest-paid player already earns more than the entire Vietnamese team, and more than the entire women’s team.Is the National football team difficult?To have money, to have a market, hardware conditions are also good.What’s the problem?”As a matter of fact, The decline of Chinese football started from 2002, so far 20 years, Chinese men’s football team has not played in the World Cup, even from the first-class Asian strong team, regression to the second, now can be said to enter the third, after all, even Vietnam can not win.Big-ball sport has always been a headache for Chinese sports. Due to the different systems, big-ball sport has fallen into a dilemma in the development of Chinese sports, which is not professional, professional and professional. This is the problem existing in all big-ball sports in China.Who’s going to solve it?At present, there is no answer. It can be foreseen that even if Chinese men’s football team can make progress and rise again in the future, it will take 10 years as a unit. The development of big-ball sports is really in no hurry!(Lin Xiaoshi)