Right: to create an effective new way of dating for young people

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Not long ago, li Jiaqi, an online celebrity anchor, said in the studio: “Do people who watch my live broadcast have so much money to buy?No.They were paid that much a month, but they still came to the studio every day.The first is habit. The second is companionship.”Every day when YOU get home from work, it’s a little too quiet.Watch videos, open apps, watch other people chat, buy things.A person lives for a long time, naturally will want to be good to yourself.In order to get rid of loneliness, they choose consumption.No wonder there are so many people making friends on the App every day, and almost every public dating event is crowded with onlookers, some netizens said.They will comment on the performance of male and female guests on blind dates or give advice.Before the Internet went live, there was no such thing as “social love”.Close to this concept are two categories: one is pan-social software, such as Momo and Tantan;One is dating websites such as Baihe Jiayuan and Zhenai.At the time, both categories were in their prime, and market leaders were emerging in both.In fact, the benchmark brands of these two categories are just successful cases of category strategy.The product of “video + live broadcast + matchmaker” is obviously characterized by breakthrough innovation.Previously, no Internet platform used video and live streaming as a means of “dating”;And let the netizen do “online matchmaker” and as an organic part of the product, is an unprecedented innovation.The target of 100 million users in two years is undoubtedly amazing in the industry.In 2019, a year after its launch, Yidong achieved a revenue of nearly 1 billion yuan.The emergence of a new category is fundamentally the insight of the founding team into the unmet market;The success and growth of the category not only benefits customers, but also brings “rewards” to the enterprises in the category.Dating social networking is rising rapidly and has become a remarkable category of Internet social networking.It took more than two years of effort to bring the industry to fruition and reap rich brand rewards.Unlike matchmaking platforms, dating social networks do not offer matchmaking services, such as telephone matchmakers and offline matchmaking services.Dating social networking provides users with more contact opportunities and more choices. The introduction of big data recommendation and more advanced video live broadcasting technology is all for users to communicate in a more convenient, real and interesting way.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.