Sanmao those sentences about love, how many sentences are you through with youth

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1 the world is difficult to have eternal love, there is absolutely eternal affection, once love into affection, that foundation, it is not built on the sand.2. Some people’s love is just a “mood of the moment”.If the other party mistake this mood as a long-term love, is its own childish.Perhaps, we will eventually one day: holding someone else’s hand, forget him.4. When I smile, my face is like a spring flower. It must be able to move people, no matter who they are.5. If your love does not elicit love, if you do not make yourself loved by your life as a lover, then your love is powerless and unfortunate.6 in a long night, missing like thousands of ants gnawing my body.7 love is not necessary, without its heart is desolate.Bleak days are hard.Sad is not only love?What is love in the end, why so bitter so painful, as long as you can hold it, to death or refused to give up, to death is also willing.9 with vigour and vitality of love, lay down his life to read!10 every time I miss you, a grain of sand falls from the sky, forming the Sahara.I finally understand how important my life is in the eyes of those who love me…How long is my love, how long is my care and reluctant to give up.12 love is a mystery, in the love of the book, book is book, apparently no enthusiastic book, to no shadow, to no trace.If love dies, one side for any reason to try to get it again, this, just as strong to collect water as unknown.13 lock my memory, lock my sadness, no longer miss you, how can no longer miss you, happiness is forbidden, after life and death, can not find the key to go in.14. If love is not carried out into the real life of dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping, it is not easy to last forever.15. The most important thing in this world is the ability to love, not to be loved.We don’t know how to love and be loved.16 bosom friend, can have one or two already very good, really need not too much.The joy of friends lies in the dependable trust.Men are mud, women are water.Mud, turbid water;More water, mud thin.No more, no less, pinch two people — a good couple of fairies.18. When you don’t have the courage to even try, you don’t deserve happiness and you never will.Hurt, pain, just know how deep.19 do not like things, should be abandoned, do not want to nostalgia for them, even if only one, do not have to leave him.If you give me, and you give others is the same, then I do not want.-END- I am “Lu Lu emotion said”, a girl after 90, with words to convey emotional life, pay attention to me, more wonderful content!