Official announcement | BYD Yuan Plus is coming to market soon, with a total of 4 models and 5 kinds of car paints, with a pre-sale price of 132,800 yuan

2022-05-31 0 By

With the gradual tension of energy problems, the development of the automobile industry has a very big impact, many automobile brands have begun to layout new energy vehicles, many domestic brands are also in the field of new energy “force”.Recently we learned from THE official byd auto, the new BYD Yuan Plus will be officially launched on February 19, when the new car will provide 4 models, five kinds of car paint for consumers to choose from, let’s take a look at the performance of the new car.The new car in the shape of the design of the new design elements, the overall gives a very sci-fi sense of the visual effect.The front part adopts the classic enclosed intake grille design of electric vehicles. The thick daily running light belt is added above the intake grille, and the matrix headlights on both sides are long and sharp, giving people a very strong and powerful visual impact.The design in the fog lamp area is very exaggerated, the large size of the blackened design adds a rich movement effect to the front face, and the sharp lines have a strong offensive.The design of the yuan Plus is very smooth in the body part, with a clear style of coupe SUV model.The suspension model design has a strong sense of sporty, silver luggage rack is also provided on the roof, silver chrome decorative strip is added around the speculated creation, B/C column part adopts the classic smoked black design, and provides “dragon scale” decorative plate at the back.Waist line part is used through the type of design, the shape is very tough, with the door part and bottom skirt part of the line, to the body brought a very good sense of strength.Body size 4455/1875/1615mm, wheelbase reached 2720mm.. The rear part of the design of the full and rich administrative levels feeling of the good, lengthen the spoiler part is configured with high brake lights and shark fin antenna, also added in the tail gate part byd trademark LOGO, in English, of course, throughout the type of the tail lights still not absent, in addition to added through the silver chrome plated adornment, also adopted a feather light cavity design, internal structure is very delicate,It’s very recognizable when lit up.The interior of the new car was designed by Michael Kaille, byd’s chief interior design director.Paganetti personally created, the interior of the two-color layout, the console part of the use of a new design techniques, curve layering such as suspension, the central control screen also uses a large LCD screen, shift rod part of the electronic file, the overall sense of science and technology to give a person is very good.And the car is designed with a large number of soft materials, multi-functional steering wheel and seat parts are wrapped with leather materials, grade sense is still very good.In terms of power, the new car provides permanent magnet/synchronous motor with a total power of 150KW and a total torque of 310 NM. The battery uses lithium iron phosphate battery with an energy density of 50.12 and 60.48 and a range of 430KM and 510KM respectively. The pre-sale price is 1328-152,800.