Woman runs barefoot on the street late at night, freaking out, screaming don’t hit me

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Many women choose to marry far away for love, the only thing they rely on is their husband to treat them well.But this credence is not firm, people will change, once he is not good to you, you will lose very miserably.This is not to say that distant marriage is not good, but a woman who has no family to rely on, the choice of the object must be carefully considered, recognized by the family.You don’t have to marry the person your parents let you marry, but you have to think carefully about the person your parents don’t let you marry.There are not many parents who don’t love their children. They must have found that person unworthy of their life, but you were blinded by love and completely ignored it.On January 25, according to netizens, a woman was seen walking barefoot in thin clothes with loose hair, Shouting “Don’t hit me” on the street in Jinan, Shandong Province.Passers-by saw the situation and helped the woman, who then called the police.According to the investigation, the police sent the woman back to her hometown far away.Originally, the woman did not listen to their parents to dissuade, adhere to marry to Jinan, Shandong province, because her husband to their every care, care, she felt for love, marry what?After meeting the son-in-law and in-laws, the family firmly opposed the marriage. They thought the man was glib and untruthful.The in-laws are not sensible people.But the woman felt that her parents had overthought her. Clearly, her husband and her husband were very good to her and she was very happy. How could she encounter any unpleasant things?Under the woman’s repeated insistence, she still chose to marry far away and live together with her husband’s family.He had conflicts with his parents and rarely called his parents home.Unfortunately, it did not last long. The woman found her husband prone to violence soon after marriage. He would go mad as soon as he drank, and then he would swing his fist at her.But when he woke up the next day, he begged for forgiveness, saying he was drunk and didn’t know what he had done.The woman chose to forgive again and again, thought that the husband would change, but unexpectedly only in exchange for aggravation.Later, not only did her husband beat herself after drinking, but even when he was not drinking, he would hit himself with his fist for the slightest thing.As for the in-laws, when they see their son beating their daughter-in-law, they will neither stop nor scold their son, but just say “Stop beating” and go back to their own room without asking too many questions.What couple doesn’t fight, they say?The woman could not help regretting that she had not listened to her parents’ advice.In the domestic violence again and again, the woman’s mental disorder.On this day, the woman suffered another domestic violence, and was kicked out of the house by her husband and told her to go away.Women are not wearing shoes, no coat, so wandering in the streets of the night.After being stimulated, he has delusions again and keeps Shouting “Don’t hit me” in his mouth, even stepping in puddles without noticing it.The kind-hearted passers-by saw the situation and wanted to come forward to help the woman, but the woman turned and ran away.Passers-by had to call the police to deal with, but also tracked the progress of the matter, know that the woman was sent back home to rest assured.Netizen comment Some netizen said, what on earth does a woman get married for?There was no money, there was no man.”If you don’t love her, please don’t hurt her. Let her go home. She is still the treasure of her parents.”Others said, “Say no to domestic violence. There are only zero and countless domestic violence. Stay away from abusive men.”Some netizens said, without full assurance, it is not good to get married far away, the consequences are you can not afford to bet.Lang Yue view of the risk of marriage is that there is no family to rely on, even if wronged, the family want to help also can’t reach.When she and her husband quarrel, she has no place to run away from home.The choice of marriage object must see character, you can not figure he is rich, not figure he is good, but absolutely not only figure he is good to you, people will change, people are also good at disguise, only figure he is good to you, will lose miserably.Domestic violence and cheating, is the red line of marriage, only zero and countless times, once touched this red line, do not have the illusion that he can change.