Li Leyou arrived in Dalian, brother Cui Jin arranged a warm cabin in advance, will live to prepare for the college entrance examination

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Netizens who often watch variety shows must be familiar with Metamorphosis, which immediately caught the attention of the audience once it was broadcast.The original intention of the program is to help urban children get rid of their bad habits through the exchange of urban and rural children, but also let rural children experience the prosperity of the big city, encourage them to work hard, grow up in the big city roots.The most impressive character in Metamorphosis is Li Leyou.Although metamorphosis is seen by many as a show designed to change the lives of rich children without considering the fragile self-esteem of rural children, for Lee, it helped her find a new brother and mother.In the program Li Leyou a pair of jiongjiongweizhao big eyes and comely appearance left a deep impression on the net friends, now Li Leyou is in high school adolescence, burst the face of acne, but after the spring, these acne will disappear, she will become comely beautiful girl.Li leyou’s identity exchange is the city kid Cui Jin, after the show is over he and his mother gave Li Leyou a new home.Cui mother li Leyou as his own daughter love, she also hopes that Li Leyou can be admitted to the school in Dalian in the future, the family distance becomes closer.But Li Leyou’s grades are not good now, as a mother Cui mother is very worried, so Li Leyou put winter vacation, she put her daughter home.Now Li Leyou has arrived in Dalian, a few days before she arrived in Dalian, her brother Cui Jin arranged a warm house for her in advance, only to wait for her sister to arrive home.Mother and brother also fight for favor, although brother recently arranged a warm cabin in advance, but Cui’s mother has already prepared a place for her daughter, both sides think Li Leyou will live with yourself, see how Li Leyou choose.After getting off the plane, Lee and Choi s mother hugged each other warmly. Although they are not related by blood, they have a better relationship than many mother and daughter.Li Leyou’s childhood was unfortunate, but she was very lucky to participate in “Metamorphosis” and meet Cui Jin and Cui’s mother. Although she had an unfortunate childhood, she lost her mother from urine, but Cui Jin and her mother made up for her missing affection.Now Cui Jin, Li Leyou, Cui mother a family of three is very close, Li Leyou and Cui Jin’s girlfriend feelings are also very good, the family is happy, let a person see very happy for them.Cui mother revealed that Li Leyou arrived in Dalian, will be permanent.Cui’s mother wanted her to stay with her and do her best to help her prepare for the college entrance examination. She hoped Li Leyou could get a good score and be admitted to dalian school.What’s your opinion on this matter?Welcome to share with us.