Two men were arrested in Lijiaping town after stealing more than 1,000 tons of construction stones for water conservancy projects

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently, shaoyang County Public Security Bureau Li Jiaping police handling the case after careful investigation, unremitting pursuit, successfully captured two suspects Zhou (male, 42 years old, Li Jiaping town), Zheng (male, 43 years old, Li Jiaping town), solved a theft case.After investigation, in late December 2021, Zheng, Zhou mou with others in Shaoyang County Li Jiaping town new pu Ling village stolen dog pond diversion project (Li Jiaping section) slag heap yard of stone, and the theft of stone transported to a quarry in Hengyang to sell.Zheng is responsible for contact transportation, mining tools and sales channels, Zhou is responsible for the theft of stone statistics, two people stole more than 1,000 tons of stone, a total value of more than 20,000 yuan.At present, suspects Zhou, Zheng have been Shaoyang County police take criminal measures in accordance with the law, the case is further investigation.Editorial: Yi Zeyu Review: Zhang Yang zhang Gaohua Contributed: Li Jiaping police Station