After middle age, gingival fire swelling pain, tooth looseness, traditional Chinese medicine this cure method is simple good effect

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When I visited Shanghai in 2017, I got to know an old Traditional Chinese medicine doctor. He said that nowadays people don’t know how to take care of their teeth. They suffer from toothache with fire, and their gums are red, swollen and atrophy.Usually choose to go to the dentist for tooth extraction, but this method can not completely solve the problem of dental disease, in fact, there are better ways to avoid tooth extraction.After a day’s sightseeing in the noisy metropolis of Shanghai, I found a roadside open-air stall and prepared to have a rest.I was reading the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon while drinking water.An old man of more than 60 years old sat across from me and said, “Young people have never thought that you should read huangdi neijing. You are really very studious. Are you a medical student?I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not a medical student, just interested.The old man said, I am studying medicine is a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, you see this book, I am more familiar with, young people look at this book, will let you benefit a lot.The old doctor ordered a cup of coffee and took out a bag of nuts to eat.The nut shell was so hard, he just cracked it open with his teeth.This move is to let me take a surprise, praise, this hurt teeth ah, if my mother chewed nuts like this, teeth would have fallen out.My mother has severe periodontitis, which has troubled her for eight years.When I was in my early fifties, MY teeth became loose and I could only eat noodles every day. When I got hot, my teeth ached. I had to scrape under the gum in the hospital and clean my teeth regularly, but I still pulled out two loose teeth.Now the gums are receding and the gap between the teeth is widening. Even drinking hot tea can stimulate the teeth. The pain is unbearable, and it is easy to jam the teeth when eating.After listening to the old traditional Chinese medicine said, this tooth good body can be good, the tooth maintenance is good, don’t look at 70 or 80, still can bite nuts.Your mother got periodontitis, long-term fire toothache, time grew inevitable meeting causes gum atrophy, serious a few can cause tooth to become loose.The dentist always suggests pulling teeth, but pulling teeth is not a good idea.I said, without tooth extraction, loose teeth do not retain the value, but also affect the daily diet, there is no other solution.Old traditional Chinese medicine said, this tooth is not a good way to treat dental disease, on the surface, this method is simple and effective, but there is no treatment for the cause of dental disease, teeth or will continue to loose, do all the teeth unplug?You read the “Yellow Emperor neijing” for me to use, said I handed the book to the old doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, the old doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine turned to one of the pages, pointing to the contents with me said: “my husband is eight years old, kidney qi solid, hair long teeth more.38, kidney qi average, strong bones and muscles, so real teeth born and long.58, kidney qi failure, hair fall teeth withered.Eight eight teeth hair “.The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine said, I am quite familiar with the contents of this book, the meaning of this paragraph is to say, teeth and kidney have a myriad of relations.A healthy kidney means a healthy tooth.You are interested in Chinese medicine, so you must have a general knowledge of human body?I said, TCM divides the human body into five organs, six organs and eleven organ systems.The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine nodded and said that kidney plays an important role, which is contained in the large system of congenital heredity, growth and development, urinary immunity and so on. The health of kidney directly affects the health of the body.In Traditional Chinese medicine, teeth are regarded as the barometer of kidney.This kidney is good or bad, you can see it in the teeth.Take you for example, you are now more than 20 years old in the prime of life, the kidney qi is full of strong nerve can grow marrow, marrow bioactive can nourish bone, teeth firm and white.But on the contrary, people in their 40s and 50s, even if they pay attention to oral hygiene, there will be a lot of problems in this tooth, because the kidney gas leakage deficiency.If you have a kidney problem, your teeth will show different symptoms.First, the daily teeth will be sore, weak chewing feeling, occasionally feel the teeth dull pain, at this time we should pay attention to, there are already kidney qi deficiency symptoms.Two, kidney qi deficiency loss is too much, teeth will appear gingival atrophy, root exposure, indicating that kidney gas deficit is serious, kidney essence is insufficient, bone marrow is empty can not nourish teeth, alveolar bone will not fix teeth.Will find at this time inhaling cold breath, will feel the tooth pain, but also eat will plug teeth.Three, the kidney in the five elements of the main water, long-term kidney qi leakage deficit loss, will cause kidney water depletion.When the fire rises, the teeth become painful and loose, and even the teeth fall out.Teeth appear the above problems, generally go to dental treatment, western medicine called it periodontitis, will be aimed at the tooth lesions problem.Chinese medicine is collectively known as tooth xuan. Chinese medicine believes that the reason is caused by deficiency of kidney qi, and the lesions on the tooth surface are just the appearance.Knowing some knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine, you will know where the root cause of dental disease is.Feel unplug tooth, can let dental disease become more serious only.I say, according to your meaning only want kidney gas complement, the problem of this dental disease is solved easily also, can use what method to treat best?Old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine said with a smile, young people are very clever, a little on.The method of treating dental diseases in China has a long history. The method is as simple as grinding and painting the teeth with the traditional Chinese medicine “tonifying kidney qi and clearing stomach fire”. It can solve the problems of toothache, swelling and atrophy of gingival and loosening of teeth.This traditional Chinese medicine method is easy to brush, to trace the history of use, can be traced back to the Song Dynasty.In fact, this method is very common, it is the same as the toothpaste containing Chinese medicine ingredients, but Chinese medicine teeth brushing ingredients are more complex, can treat severe periodontitis.To say that the collection of Chinese medicine brushing prescription the most complete book, is “Jing Yue complete book”.It was written by zhang Jiebin, a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty. In this book, it detailed the problems of swelling, pain and bleeding of gingival, severe gum atrophy, soft and loose teeth, etc., and recorded 40 prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for brushing teeth, all of which had a very good effect.I press this “Jing Yue complete book” the content of Chinese medicine brush one’s teeth prescription, show you a prescription, treat your mother’s tooth disease, according to the method I said daily used to brush your teeth, you can not suffer the pain of pulling teeth.I wrote down the prescription of the old doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and let my mother brush her teeth with traditional Chinese medicine after going home. After more than three months, my mother’s teeth really improved a lot.The toothache that used to flare up is gone now.Occasionally eat a pepper, rinse a sichuan pot also no teeth pain.More importantly, loose teeth used to be afraid to touch food, but now it does not hurt to eat food, even walnuts can eat, do not have to eat noodles and porridge……The root cause of many dental problems is periodontitis, which is called “tooth xuan” in Traditional Chinese medicine.Brushing your teeth is just a superficial solution.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is necessary to “eliminate stomach fire and nourish kidney qi”.People over forty.There are insufficient kidney qi and spleen and stomach, then there is fire toothache, sour and soft teeth, eating jam teeth, chewing weakness, eating pain and even loose teeth and other troubles.Using Traditional Chinese medicine to brush your teeth is a good way.Postscript: If I hadn’t met an old Chinese doctor of medicine this time, I really didn’t know there was such a simple and effective “magic formula” for treating teeth.Older people inevitably have dental problems. If you also have dental problems, you can try traditional Chinese medicine to brush your teeth and avoid the pain of tooth extraction.