Visit Lin Xin Xin’s mansion, luxurious interior decoration atmosphere, life is also a funny big boy

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Lin Gengxin as a funny, humorous, grace and other advantages of positive energy artist.Through his own efforts these years, he has gained many fans.People who don’t know him will recognize his weibo, a funny entertainer who uses weibo as a circle of friends, which is not common these days.In the variety show funny character is also played incisively and vividly by him, Lin Gengxin is a Beijing native.Before entering the entertainment circle, he had a certain family background, entertainment circle is just a hobby he happened to enter the field, never thought also have a certain role here.So what’s his home decorating style like?The person of extraordinary residence of Lin updates is costly extremely, interior decorate what receive is opulent Europe type style, although the match color that chooses is light color is tonal, but the furniture that chooses from him and decorate a style, and a few match adorn the style to appear can see, his life is opposite average person to have very high quality.Hanging on the walls are paintings full of artistic atmosphere, with golden frames to frame them, giving a sense of riches and honour.The style that sofa chooses is contracted wind, those who pay attention to is easy and simple sense, opposite at other furniture, appear some common and simple, from integral visual effect point of view, such sofa did not add the effect that hold almost completely, fortunately common however simple, give a person a kind of sweet domestic atmosphere.The kitchen is next to the living room, and there is no clear layering in Mr. Lin’s home.The walls are an antique wood color scheme, the tables are also antique wood, and the floor is a light yellow.The refrigerator is located in this small space.In Lin’s home there will be many beautiful men, high appearance level, high humor she has many friends in the entertainment circle.He will also raise his favorite pets, which have certain positive significance to improve the happiness of life.Dining table choice is the same ancient wood color tone, as a rely on their own efforts to get wealth and have a certain family background of the rich second generation, in his home some expensive rare collections and out-of-print is not surprising.But judging by the pictures he posted on social media, the food at the party seemed ordinary.Lin gengxin’s high level of physical appearance seems to be somewhat overshadowed by his humor, but we have to deny that.His external image in many of the entertainment industry is still outstanding, so his family appearance level is naturally not low.There is specific rest area in the home, the match color that this rest area chooses is light color likewise.Of the curtain choice also rich characteristic, did not follow fashionable tide, choose the decorative pattern that is full of wind meaning restoring ancient ways and color instead, give a kind of fresh feeling.Including the room lighting placement and the choice of style, a kind of unexpected feeling, in the choice of furniture and decorations, pay attention to the color.In the home that Lin updates, different place has different decorate match color and style, the match color that this place chooses is diversiform, diversiform match color, can add different breath for whole space.Lin Gengxin is getting older now, but he is unmarried and has not had too many scandals. I believe he is a serious and responsible person in life, and his work attitude can be seen in many of his works.In the home that Lin updates still put a lot of hand to do hand to do, the choice uses an ancient wood color to buy thing to wear to place, sundry hand does let a person answer inundated.The match color of tie-in ancient wood color, the characteristic that handles and advantage are presented completely come out, the small thing that a few like is placed on decorating, have certain positive effect to improving whole coordination.Lin gengxin’s career in the entertainment industry has brought us many excellent works over the years. I hope he can find his partner sooner rather than complaining on weibo.May he always smile in the days to come.