One to zero to one to two!Spaniard falls, Chinese fan official Bo angry criticism 1 failure, praise Wu Lei alone

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Wu Lei finally made his debut, coming off the bench again after seven rounds, but was still hard to save.However, his appearance on the field is to let us see a bright, no longer like the previous teammates isolated, a person stuffy head kick, but more active, active with teammates.This is certainly very gratifying to us.La Liga 23rd round of contention, by the Spaniards away challenge biba.In terms of the line-up, the Spaniards started di Mata in place of the suspended De Thomas, followed by Villenna, Puado and Melendo, the double midfielders Dardell and Moranes, and the defence of Hill, gomez, Cavrera and Pedrosa.Wu Lei returned from the national team, the field is still standby.Two minutes into the first half, Espanyol got off to a dream start when Puado forced his way into the corner and verena, who had flanked him in the middle, easily pushed home the goal.Only two minutes later, however, the Spaniard failed to pass the ball into the middle of the field, which led to a long overhead pass.Martinez made it 2-1 in the 15th minute when he headed home Vivien’s cross from biba’s free kick from the left.In the 56th minute, the Spaniard midfielder diverted the ball wide to the right, where Hill darted into the box for a first-time cross that hit the defenders’ hands.But the referee refused to award a penalty.The 74th minute, The Spaniard replaced again, Wu Lei came on to replace Moranais.In the 78th minute, Wu lei responded to the Spaniard’s midfield pass, then actively pulled to the left for the ball, but his teammate did not give the ball, then passed the ball to the middle, the result was cut off.The 81st minute, the Spaniard passes the ball in the midfield, Wu Lei receives the ball in the middle of the oblique jam on the right, and the result is slightly stronger, and directly passes the ball to the boundary.Moreno threw his hand off the pass.2 minutes later, Wu Lei again back to receive, will pass the ball to the front, was the other side of the guard to break first.In the 85th minute, Wu lei came back to his own half to steal the ball and forced to overtake him with his speed advantage. He was brought down by Peccharoman for a tactical foul and the referee awarded a yellow card.3 minutes later, Puaduo outside the penalty area to the ball, Wu Lei inside the penalty area motioned to pass, but the former did not give the ball, choose to directly hit the goalkeeper ball hit fly.Subsequently, Hill long pass to the right of the penalty area, Wu Lei high and did not top.In the end, Espanyol away 2-1 biba reverse, suffered a league 2 consecutive defeat.Because Wu lei got the chance to play, the Chinese fans did not attack the Spaniard guanbo, but only criticized di Mata, who replaced De Tomas, under the official bo, calling the latter the failure of the game (Di Mata only shot in 62 minutes), but praised Wu Lei: “Wu Lei is in good condition today, very active running!””Today, I played nearly 20 minutes in good condition, catching and distributing the ball. I did a decisive job in the forward position, and played much better than the right front!”Fortunately, there is Also Wu Lei, not to let the fans because of the loss of the mood too bad.