If you tease my baby like that, turn your back!Chinese New Year warning from Bao Ma

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Today, on the second day of the Chinese New Year, according to the tradition, we should go out to pay New Year’s greetings. When relatives and friends get together, they will not be able to make fun of children. They think that making children cry and laughing can increase the festive atmosphere.But a lot of times, these adults lack education common sense and safety awareness, do not start the weight, accidentally lead to tragedy.Today, I’d like to talk to you about teasing that can hurt your child, and how to prevent it effectively.When it comes to the Spring Festival, wine must be indispensable.This wine, for adults is “good wine”, but the harm to children is irreversible!Earlier news reports, a 5-year-old boy in Zhengzhou was “teased” by his next-door neighbor. As a result, the boy became intoxicated with alcohol, fell unconscious and vomited coffee-colored stomach fluid.Fortunately, the child rescue in time, from the danger of life.This kind of thing, as parents, must protect the baby, do not have to be polite to these adult bears, directly hate back it is ok;■ Parents should also teach children coping measures in advance, tell him not to smoke, drink.You can teach your child a cute phrase like “My dad breaks your legs when he finds out” that will shock everyone.Tease children to smoke besides wine, the harm of smoke is also very big!”Cigarettes” this kind of thing, it is easy to affect the development of children’s salivary glands, reduce the generation and effectiveness of saliva, resulting in children’s tooth decay;Or worse, very addictive!Once addicted, it can cause damage to children’s lungs and even lung cancer.”Anti-teasing” guide: ■ When children are teased to smoke, parents should firmly refuse;■ It is best to take children away from the scene of smoking to avoid inhaling too much second-hand smoke;Language teasing: “Your parents have a brother, they don’t want you”, “you are not your parents’ biological”, “do you love your father or mother”…When it comes to teasing children, verbal teasing is definitely top3.What may seem innocuous to an adult can be devastating to a child.Because children’s cognitive ability is limited, can not distinguish big people said “joke”, it is easy to believe it, and then appear self-doubt, or make some extreme behavior!There was a story in the news about a six-year-old girl who secretly threw her two-month-old brother from the eighth floor of a building while her family slept.This is because, her neighbor always tease her: “your parents have a brother, do not love you!I don’t want you!”Coincidentally, is also 6 years old little girl, because of someone else’s joke: “after mother don’t want you!”The little girl fell for it!While everyone was having dinner, he secretly carried his brother to the balcony and pushed him down from the sixth floor. His brother died on the spot.The two tragedies mentioned above are caused by adults’ so-called “jokes” to tease children!At the age of six, it is impossible to distinguish true from false, and when the same words are repeated, young children tend to believe them and take them to heart.Then came the great fear of “Mom and Dad don’t love me” and “Mom and dad don’t want me”.At this point, the only thing they can do is to deal with this “fear”.But it doesn’t matter, we can outsmart it!Because kids are too young to deal with this kind of problem.Therefore, this requires parents to do a good job of guidance and exercises in advance, strengthen the sense of security of children!1) “Your parents want a younger brother, not you.” When choosing a second child, be sure to tell Dabao: “You and your younger brother/sister are the beloved children of your parents, and they will love you forever.”My father and mother love me equally, so I love them equally, too.■ Parents don’t be timid, face some relatives who “won’t be a man”, parents don’t be timid!Take a stand: “Please don’t say that to my kids!”Here are a few more words to teach you how to “strange” back!1) The uncle probably found it, so he thought everyone else was found.2) Who do you think your uncle would save if his mother and wife fell into the water?3) What kind of parents do not love their children? If they do not love their children, they are animals, right?Don’t you think so, uncle?Finally, for those who love to make fun of children, please do so.I often see that many people like to “grab” their children’s toys, or use snacks to tease them to say something they don’t mean.For example, the following scenes, we should not be strange to call my father, I will give you call your mother hit a slap your father, I will give you a song to listen to, I will give you…For these “unreasonable requirements”, I suggest: ■ can teach children to be tough.1) This is my property, why does uncle rob the children?2) You call me dad, I also have candy, you call me candy.■ Parents witty rescue: baby want to sing a song, do not want to sing, do not sing, please uncle to set an example, first sing us a song.Before mouth-to-mouth kiss, you’ve probably seen a lot of news like this one: a 7-day-old baby caught herpes simplex virus from a kiss, which then caused viral meningitis.Eleven days later, at just 18 days old, she succumbed to multiple organ failure.Therefore, whether grandpa grandma grandpa grandma, or seven aunts eight aunts, are all put an end to mouth kiss children, because no one can guarantee that this kiss on the child is safe.”Prevent teasing” guide: ■ teach children in advance: “only father and mother” married “can kiss mouth to mouth oh” “adults and children are not mouth to mouth kiss”;■ When others want to kiss children, parents timely stop: “mouth to mouth kiss on children is not safe, the baby hugged grandma.”Before throwing, shaking children and other dangerous actions, there was a father imitating the video of “pulling up the child and turning it 180 degrees”. As a result, a father missed and the child fell to the ground. Finally, the child suffered severe spinal cord damage and could not move the upper body.At that time, the medical staff said: our hospital has received more than 10 cases of difficult teasing baby movements in half a month, resulting in children fall and dislocate the case.In addition to the difficult moves on Tiktok, there are several common dangerous moves that can lead to injury or even death.1) Throw children into the Air Some adults throw children into the air when they are happy.You don’t look, adults and children will laugh very happy, but not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!If not, the baby could be seriously injured or even killed.2) Let the child ride on the neck “horse riding” and “sit high” are common ways to amuse children.But if the baby is still small, when they are not sitting steady enough, it is likely that they did not notice, and their parents did not pull steady and fell down to get injured.3) Shake the child hard for the baby of a small month, violent shaking will make the baby brain injury, very adverse to the intellectual development of children!If serious, it can also lead to “shaken baby syndrome”, causing intracranial bleeding, leaving hemiplegia, epilepsy, blindness and other sequelae, and even life-threatening.■ Stay away from these dangerous behaviors!Pinch the baby’s face this baby’s face, chubby, soft, is a person can not control his hands, to knead a!But, here’s a warm reminder: kneading is addictive, so be careful before kneading!Because under the skin of the baby’s cheeks, there is a special kind of fat tissue called the buccal fat pad, which plays a role in coordinating the palate, cheeks, lips and tongue when the baby sucks and chews.If you pinch a child’s face too often, the delicate cheek fat pad will be injured and too much saliva will be released, resulting in a rash of saliva and skin inflammation.In addition, often pinch the baby’s face, will also affect the “left and right cheek bone” development problems, there is “facial asymmetry”.”Prevent teasing” guide :■ Once found someone is ready to start, parents must stop in time.Play children’s “chicken” play children’s chicken, teach children to play their own chicken, to amuse everyone, seeking happiness, this is a very bad behavior.Not only vulgar, but also children will play chicken to amuse adults, for a long time, will play chicken addiction, the last premature trigger children masturbation habit.So, mom and dad must protect their children!”Anti-teasing” guide :■ Start sex education at age 3. Through picture books, tell your baby that this is a private part of the body and should not be touched by others.■ Don’t wear open-backed pants for your baby!Lord Bear can’t play with his baby pants off.In the name of liking children, the children get at a loss, this is not called funny, called teasing.Children are not funny toys, adults should learn to respect children.When the child is “teased”, parents must firmly stand on the side of the child, protect the child from harm, this is your responsibility.Finally, I wish you all a safe New Year!I hope the babies will be healthy and safe for the New Year!Have you ever been in a situation where a relative of a bear has a playful child?Welcome to share in the comments section! * All the above pictures are from network disclaimer: this article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn