Female Writers do marketing: The Belly of poetry gas from China (6)

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# workplace gas station # Reading you a thousand times is not tired of like you are not you, I am not like me, pure coincidence, fiction.I am so greedy for human fireworks, your smile bright, solid my heart, keep time and you, I also feel at ease.You, is my fireworks, my time flies.You are my cherished teacher and reader.The mobile phone really lost, I dare not leave my suspense without reason.”Culture fan” platform webmaster, cultural and creative class lecturer Qi Guangrui teacher looked at my last article put forward: “magpie this image is very in place, but unfortunately the latter half can not see.”I was too busy looking for my phone to pay attention to the magpie around me.In the morning, my good friend, who had just finished reading my serialized story, couldn’t wait to send me a series of questions: “Have you found the phone?You’re making a fuss.”I sent a tease: “Listen to the breakdown next time.”She said, you drop it.I told her it was true. It was lost.”You must have fallen in the snow,” she said.One bump, one slip, and you fell out?”I said you are like Sherlock Holmes, left this suspense, and you solved it.She burst out laughing.Finally, encourage me: “Continue to write.I don’t tell anyone.”Lost due to the character found that the mobile phone disappeared, I was anxious not to, in the bag to rummaging through, has forgotten the busywork after getting off.At this time, the road to the car to see a doctor, the car down a man and two women, look at my depressed manner, do not know what to do.At this point, Lin’s mobile phone rang again, he raised his mobile phone to me, the screen is impressively two characters: “wife”!I was really a little meng circle, then shouted: “mine!I……”Before I finish, Lin always picked up the phone, while running to the right side of the clinic, loudly repeating: “Thank you!Building seven, now!”Surprise and surprise came at the same time.I stood in front of the clinic on the snow, more awake by the cold wind, I reminded myself again in my mind: I found my mobile phone!Got it!When I realized I lost my phone, my mind went blank, and before I could think about the chain reaction of losing my phone, it came back!Looks like that was about five minutes before the phone was recovered.As a result, I took the phone back from my lover, left to look right, left to turn right, or some can not believe that this is my phone?.Process restore once, should be like this: a wearing red arm hoop (this is Lin general dictation) of the eldest brother, more than 60 years old, after my car, picked up.A blue phone lying quietly on the white snow!The eldest brother immediately looked around, there was no one around!I must have been carrying my bag, holding my car keys, answering a cell phone, holding a cell phone in both hands, and running to the opposite clinic door.Big brother didn’t even see my back.The day is too cold, too cold hand ah, fortunately, the eldest brother’s house is next to, the eldest brother quickly returned home, opened the door into the house, the first thing to do is to open the phone immediately, the first display of the phone is Lin!Just waiting for you to come good thrilling ah, really like all the details have been set up in advance, a little, a link, will produce the effect of a game lost.What a perfect time!My phone has already been set up to unlock it with an avatar and a finger lock, which no god could have prayed for.The parking space in front of the clinic was occupied, and my car was parked diagonally opposite. The snow-covered alley next to a big tree, which was usually cleaned very clean, was especially smooth at this time.If it had not just snowed, it would have been almost full of people.At that moment, only eldest brother a person through!Dear and honorable brother!And three people, two of them patients, came running out of the street, and within ten minutes, without a word of warning, in the interval between our sudden return to fetch our things.Everything is just right, everything is just right.Imitation such as heaven, in fact, accidental inevitable.Where are you from?My friend.Like a butterfly, flying to my window?Eldest brother is the inspector of the community, his efficiency and sense of responsibility, let me imprint on my heart.There are always so many moving, unexpected encounter, jump on the paper.Every day, Mr. Liu paid close attention to my articles and gave comments and encouragement: “When poets write non-fiction, their words jump out from the paper, full of artistic conception, color and vivid images.”In a few words, Mr. Liu captured my writing consciousness and psychological dynamics.Marketing work is sometimes irregular.I write more casually and casually.But I have managed to avoid all names, and I have tinted a few details, but some of them are brilliant and must be tinted.After reading the first article on the platform of “Cultural Style”, Teacher Qi recommended my work in both voice and text in our cultural and creative class group.”The key is Zi Linglong’s prose, which is spontaneous.Is the author did not deliberately to conceive, to collect materials, to structure the level of the article, to write seriously, but is the author freely flowing out is a clear stream, is so exciting, so let people intoxicated with literature.This is the charm of literature.So I recommend you read more of Zi Linglong’s candid essay.”Up to now, I have been working on Toutiao for 1,160 days, with nearly 30,000 fans, which has soared in recent days.A teacher in Toutiao told me to stick to it. He wrote 5,000 words a day.I said: “teacher, you are really strong, I really can’t reach.”I use my phone to type quickly, organize pictures, and map out structures during my day at work, driving, delivering goods, or at night.Stick to Posting before 8am every day.Qi teacher again and again to encourage me: “anywhere at any time record, along with the feeling, with the spiritual pen to express, highlight the author’s compassion and patriotic thoughts, must praise!”Plain hand writing, keep feelings, this is my own requirements.Write a word, a word, group a paragraph, into a piece, a little makes a mickle.As Ms. Zheng’s earnest instruction: “Get one book a year, and ten books in ten years!”Reading and writing stories, romantic poetry wine while time.Coarse zeng big cloth wrapped career, abdominal poetry gas from China.Zi Linglong, member of Heilongjiang Writers Association, member of Harbin writers Association, vice chairman of Hulan District writers Association.Engaged in poetry, prose, reportage, fiction and other literary creation.Heilongjiang People’s Publishing House published a collection of works “Exquisite” prose volume, poetry volume.Time flies, poetry and book yangxin “Exquisite” prose volume, poetry volume collection debut