Booties and hoodies, that’s what you should wear. It’s super chic

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The beginning of Spring has just passed, although the temperature and zero still lingering, but Liya, the heart of preparing for spring clothes, is no longer able to hold back.The first thing that comes to mind is a hoodie.Athflow is popular these two years. More and more people pursue comfortable and stylish clothes, which can be controlled at home or out without pressure. The hoodie is one of the classic representatives.On the other hand, MY preference for hoodies is also due to the high practical wear index, which can be worn for three seasons in a year. It is suitable for single wear or inside wear, and I don’t need to worry about the bottom of the box.However, the kind of hoodie is quite diverse, choose to suit their own style, version can wear a casual tone.01. The basic round collar small round collar hoodie belongs to the basic version common in daily collocation. It does not need too much complex design, nor does it need to consider how to match to look good, and it belongs to the existence of “all-rounder”.However, it should be noted that the size of the neckline is not too tight, especially for girls with round faces and short necks, too small will expose the problem of head and shoulder ratio.To too contracted pure lubricious guard garment, besides spend little idea on colour, still can use fold wear to increase administrative levels feeling.Neckline, hem inadvertently exposed inside, both rich details, but also more prominent sense of leisure, fashion index up.Proper design is the extra point that guard garment, or tong Qu cartoon, or individual character exaggerates, can reveal oneself to wear take attitude.Tip from Liya: The position of the pattern can be as far up as possible, which can raise the visual center of gravity, and to some extent, have a higher effect.02, hooded hoodie compared to round collar, hooded hoodie version is more relaxed, but also more suitable for external wear, directly copy a set of wear look very good.But the existence of the hat has advantages and disadvantages, increase the sense of fashion at the same time will increase the burden of the upper body, especially large chest or thick shoulder and back figure, but will appear bloated.The look of the sweater set skirt is on the basis of sports feeling, adding a feminine taste, the proportion of light ripe feeling is controlled in place.If you really like hoodies, you should adjust the size and thickness of the whole, so that the hat becomes a small decoration to weaken the sense of existence, and at the same time, use the V-neck to create a sense of breathing in the upper body.Or directly choose cardigan style, get full marks slimming effect.Coat and build inside want to highlight a key only enough, simple and complex orderly ability appears not mixed and disorderly, visual sense is more harmonious.03, CTOP-top hoodie “jacket + high waist lower outfit” has always been the standard template for the small man to show high, but the hoodie is really not the shorter the better, the light is “exposed belly” operation, I believe there are many fairies shaking their heads.It’s not just the cold, we don’t have the body.The appropriate length of the hoodcoat is just to match the lower outfit to expose the waist line, so as to optimize the proportion of the figure without exposing the attributes of the shortcomings of the figure.Liya has also prepared several looks for fairies to look at.Look1: Hoodie + lamb hair + small white boots the overall tone is relatively small and fresh, the style of the items also tends to reduce the age, students can directly copy.The same color extension of the interior and ankle boots makes the figure look better.Avocado green was chosen for the lambs, given that the hoodies and bottoms are all light colored. The distinctive and clean color is key to breaking the bloat.On the collocation that deserves to act the role of also quite have qiao think, the lamb wool package that fasten with color echoes each other, those who let a complete set of look finish degree is taller, add the small round cap of lamb wool, but the atmosphere feeling of lovely love is pulled full.Look 2: Hoodie, jeans, and black boots is a no-occasion look that can be pulled off stress-free for work, school, or on a date.You can’t go wrong with the fixed combination of hoodie and jeans, but you need ankle boots to add fashion. Casual and formal pieces are the essence of Athflow style.Simple and clean big color piece, suit to be used to make advanced feeling to wear build very much, long coat is such existence, small wide version of the inclusive degree to figure is very high also.Don’t forget, the hoodies that take inside can use short + long collocation, emphasize the existence feeling of waist line, also avoid the problem of pressing a child.To look great in a hoodie, there are a few things you need to know about style and outfit.This year’s popular checkerboard elements are not suitable for everyone, change the way of thinking, black and white stripes with a sense of expansion will not be too strong, control the threshold is much lower.Pipe boots are also popular players, long and straight bobbin, as well as the flexible nature of woven material, lining the calf very long.And jeans loose pant legs and pipe boots match together, give a person on the vision by the width of the visual sense of narrowing, neat and stylish.Look4: Hoodie + half skirt + Boot Martin hoodie + half skirt mix CP is definitely the king of spring combo, lazy and casual with a girl’s sense of energy, coupled with The Boot Martin, no problem sweet cool style.Liya prefers a looser version of the hoodie, which is more inclusive to the body and friendly to most girls.The lower outfit can be matched with the half skirt of the A-word version, which just decorates the problem of the crotch width. It follows the principle of wearing the upper width and the lower collection to highlight the sense of fine lines.Considering the reduction in the ratio of leg length to the split, the 3-hole Martin boots are more suitable, can also increase the handsome attributes, a second to get rid of the passer-by.If fairies are thinking of buying their spring wardrobe, it’s hard not to love to start with a hoodie. It’s versatile, stylish and unlocks tons of different styles.