It has become an inevitable trend for Tencent Video to hold “Early Spring Sharing Meeting” to reduce costs and increase efficiency

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Held on April 8th, tencent video “early spring meeting to share the business”, tencent company vice President and chief executive of tencent online video Sun Zhonghuai, tencent’s online video vice President Jeff han to attend, and the film &tv industry upstream and downstream partners to jointly just cost optimization, the writing motivation, deeply discusses topics such as long-term sustainable development.At present, online video platform is facing many challenges, reducing cost and increasing efficiency has become an inevitable trend.At the same time, there are still a large number of unreasonable phenomena in the process of film and television production under disorderly competition. The prices of production factors in the copyright procurement and production chain are rising year by year, and the pressure of content cost is increasing continuously.To this end, Tencent Video will further “reduce cost and increase efficiency” in content development, reasonable expenditure, optimize content cost, and explore content production under controllable cost.Tencent video at the meeting is put forward, the following will be on the platform’s homemade, custom, copyright and other types of content production factor costs further standardization, rationalization, through effective measures and fall to the ground, to ensure that the cost control and inhibition of the production chain is not reasonable artificially high prices and crowd out bubbles, leave enough development space, create healthy and orderly, sustainable growth, tencent video content production environment.At the same time, Tencent Video will also reform the cooperation mode, in the existing cooperation mode, the new introduction of “market price + member posterior-incentive” measures, to further stimulate high-quality content, activate the upstream and downstream content production.In addition, Tencent Video will further open the sharing system to partners, and disclose the play index and membership data of their respective projects to partners, so as to provide supporting support at the product level and enable high-quality content creation.Content driven growth, online video platforms need to continue to produce high-quality content at reasonable and manageable costs.In the future, Tencent Video will further explore benign content production mode, with user value as the basis, with high-quality content, to bring users more quality service experience.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Yang Wenjie editor/Cui Wei