In 2022, Huian held the launching ceremony of “Grasping the opening and promoting investment projects landing” and the signing activity of investment projects

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Golden Tiger New Year, Ruinian spring.HuiAn morning of February 4, the county, the county government in the scientific, accurate, effective prevention and control of epidemic at the same time, using the advantage the investment promotion and capital introduction during the Spring Festival, held a grand hotel in 2022 in Dali century “catch open investment and promote project ground” ceremony of the action and investment promotion project signing activity, 14 with a total investment of 10.05 billion yuan of the representative projects on-site signing,Among them, 10 projects exceed 500 million yuan.Since the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 58 high-quality projects have been connected, with a planned investment of 27.3 billion yuan, covering new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, headquarters economy, modern logistics, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, leisure food and other industries.The investment promotion activities, HuiAn to set up the “China merchants to attract ambassador” for the first time, give full play to the entrepreneur familiar with related industrial chain, network resources, investment means the advantage of flexible, let “China merchants to attract ambassador” become the spokesperson HuiAn development, investment promotion and capital introduction of the ombudsman, booster of the construction of the project, will inject new vitality for development HuiAn transformation.Quanzhou city people’s congress standing committee, deputy director of the lai, the county party committee secretary and uprightness chun-lei wang attended the signing ceremony, vice secretary of the county, the county magistrate ZhuangJiaXiang speeches, county leadership Jiang Xiangqun, Xu Zhenli, guo-ping he, Cai Xumeng, Guo Huiqing party group members, such as the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), the straight section such as the city business bureau, city federation of industry and commerce on leadership, HuiAn economic development zone management committee director,The main responsible persons of the relevant units and some chamber of commerce presidents and signing representatives attended the signing ceremony.The signing ceremony was presided over by Guo Huiqing, deputy head of the county government.In recent years, Huian centering on the development orientation of the modern Industry and trade port tourism city of The Sea Silk, promoting the construction of “coastal characteristic Lingang petrochemical Base”, “sculpture architecture culture capital”, “regional comprehensive logistics center”, “Coastal ecological health tourism resort”, “Quanzhou North wing medium city”,According to the county comprehensive in western cities, county northeast industrial concentration, county in southeastern coastal tourist area layout, plan as a whole a headquarters economy, construction industry, shipping, tourism, home stay facility and industry support policy, tries to build up a good investment environment, attract a batch of petrochemical industry, commerce, new materials, high-quality projects such as the ground, industry showed vigorous development trend system development.Especially since transition, the pattern of HuiAn adhere to a larger, more wide field of vision, higher coordinates, seeks the breakthrough, yong when quanzhou high quality development mainstay, further highlight the investment promotion and capital introduction and lifeline project construction status, industry chain constantly supplement the constantly updated, transportation logistics infrastructure, education, medical treatment, construction of standard factory building development, perfecting talent service policy,City integration, two-wheel drive, is becoming a new advantage of huian investment environment, but also for Huian in a new round of competition is not left behind, more brilliant laid a solid foundation.Project chain complement each other, industrial development momentum around the development of huian “1543” modern industrial system, innovation “five new” project field, contract projects fit huian industrial development positioning.The second phase of the new energy materials project has a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, and the graphene semiconductor industry project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, which will further expand the petrochemical industry chain.Huidong high-end CNC equipment project with a total investment of 500 million yuan, Yuxiang leisure creative food Industrial Park project with a total investment of 250 million yuan, will further promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries;Donghua Software Park headquarters project total investment of 600 million yuan, AI robot technology valley project total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, The Total investment of 1 billion yuan of Bio-technology project, will inject new impetus for the development of Huian emerging industries;Jialitong modern cold chain processing logistics project with a total investment of 500 million yuan, Suoyoubao headquarters project with a total investment of 300 million yuan, will add new vitality to the modern service industry, better service industry development.Enterprise government mutually promote complementary, doing business for the county party committee county government for the project, provide more intimate than “nanny”, a warm heart “mother” business services, consolidate the compaction focus on environment, to speed up the optimization development environment, promote the project owners “take that starts” “green channel” high quality service,We will highlight the guarantee mechanism for the start of projects and encourage them to start and put into operation as soon as possible, so as to achieve “fission” growth in the quality and quantity of projects with a strong momentum of “two looks at three”.Highlight the precise attack to “find” projects, strengthen the main leaders to attract investment, gambling investment, point-to-point investment, knock on the door investment, innovative employment of “attract talent ambassador”, highlight the government-enterprise linkage, linkage, achieve by enterprises to attract enterprises, by business investment, effectively improve the success rate of investment and project landing rate.Further establish industry development direction, according to the concept of “project is king”, the implementation of investment projects the whole closed loop management, promote the project “construction”, set up enterprise starts earnest supervision pattern, silver tripartite co-management “drill for rob at” pays special attention to the key project construction, accurate, promote more projects settled in HuiAn, key to promote the “double hundred” project,We will strive to complete and put into operation projects under construction as early as possible, promote the early implementation of key investment projects, and promote the early implementation and start of projects.Source: