The 2022 Spring Festival film market ticket prices for the revitalization of northeast China and the construction of a free trade island do enlightenment

2022-05-18 0 By

Pain is the real feeling of the 2022 Spring Festival movie tickets!It’s not clear who gave cinemas and producers such confidence, but this Spring Festival ticket season has become a Tesla-like monster.Ticket prices of 60 yuan to 80 yuan, who gave them courage.Maybe it was the crowd in the cinema that gave them confidence.But the current craze really has nothing to do with what the product is like.Consumers and markets have been kidnapped by operators.However, the consumer also gave the operator with appropriate bite back.Current overall box office consumption market trend is not particularly good.Movie-going is already down.The subsidies have been much smaller this year.Last year, various platforms offered various coupons to subsidize the market. Douyin spent hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize the market. Cao also won several movie tickets by participating in interactive activities on The platform, which were successfully redeemed.This year several platforms cross price comparison, found that each major platform has become a cake of the people.This brings to mind the old topic of northeast revitalization and the construction of hainan Free Trade Island.We must first build the market, so that the market can recognize these two lands, and we must also give real preferential support in terms of policy and capital. Only in this way can we make concerted efforts in both the market end and the support end of these two places, and only in this way can we achieve good results.Don’t just rely on the bright future vision, consumers are not stupid.