One-day market value increased by 1,216.7 billion!Amazon breaks US stock record but Next door Meta is crying

2022-05-18 0 By

Amazon’s U.S. stock rose 13.54% to $3,152.79 by the close of trading on Feb. 4, its biggest one-day gain since 2015.Amazon’s market value rose by $191bn, the largest single-day increase of any stock in the US market.Amazon’s cloud computing division posted a strong performance on Rivian Automotive Inc.Investment in The company boosted earnings, and membership fees for its Prime members will rise.But there were mixed results, with Meta (Facebook’s parent company) closing down 0.28% at $237.09 on the same day.A total of 21% this week, the biggest weekly drop since the IPO.Meta lost $250 billion in market capitalization, the largest loss in U.S. market history.Foresight Economist APP Information group