MCC Baosteel successfully completed the first fixed repair and lifting task of Baosteel stock bar steel plant after the holiday

2022-05-15 0 By

At about 21:30 on February 8, 2022, with the successful one-time trial rolling of the main rolling line of the strip steel factory, it marks the successful completion of the fixed repair lifting task.Around 8:30 a.m. points, MCC baosteel industrial company article from baosteel steel mill owner party set task notifications, therefore, MCC baosteel industrial company after driving for the first time cooperate with fixed lifting work very seriously, in order to ensure the safe, efficient and complete the repairing task, set in before involving with lifting crane operator temporary formulated the special safety education;And according to the particularity of the fixed repair arrangement with experienced, strong operating skills, responsible old car workers with fixed repair lifting task;This fixed repair task is complex, and in the process of fixed repair operation, the operation frequency of man-machine intersection point is high, the station position of ground commanding personnel, the area adjacent to the gas pipeline, and other harsh environments, so it is particularly important to cooperate with safe lifting.After 13 hours of continuous hard work, MCC Baosteel Industry Co., Ltd. successfully completed the task of fixed repair and lifting, which won precious time to ensure the normal operation of the rolling line and achieved the “four no” safety goals: no violation, no complaint, no score and no accident.Set after the repair factory leaders at all levels and the relevant inspection unit of industrial company crane driver gave high evaluation, and by the owner and repair of praise and affirmation, moreover in the repair process of running two workshop staff excellent operation skills, good professional spirit, carry forward the “don’t delay one day, a day also don’t slack off” the spirit of the China metallurgical,For the company to establish a good corporate image, for the New Year the smooth progress of the safety work from a good start.(ZHOU Zhiwu, MCC Baosteel)