How does a new director create a “myth”?Shardan explains at Today’s Review

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New director Shao Yihui is known to the market and audience for his acclaimed film The Love Story.The “lucky” Shao attributed the success of his directorial debut to the recognition and respect of his creation by executive producer and lead actor Xu Zheng.However, for many new directors, the first “shock” is often accompanied by failure and regret.On January 21, film critic Sha Dan was invited to the program “Today’s Film Review” to discuss the opportunities and preparations for new directors to create “myths” through the successful track of shao Yihui, the director of “Love Myth”.Success is not just luck, but also “failure”. In Shardan’s view, these phenomena are the conflict between the ideal and reality of the film industry.”Today film review” program scene, he will shoot light texture “love myth” shao Yihui as a “myth maker”, but he also thinks that she really should not only as a lucky child.After shao Yihui graduated from Beijing Film Academy and spent six years in Shanghai, Sha Dan said that she implanted her own personality symbols into the film, “as if in response to her own unsuccessful life experience in the past”, which also provided valuable life wealth for her to create this excellent work.As for other new directors’ feelings about their “bad luck”, Shadan went on to tell Review Today that they were lucky enough to make fun of their past bad luck in the media.Through an interview with Today’s Film Review, the young director Hu Guohan admitted that he was not very successful in the first two films of “Internet University”, which were all due to his lack of experience as a director. If he had directly shot cinema films, he would have been overwhelmed and forced to change his career.”I do make every film as if it were my last, and I’m afraid it won’t work and I won’t have another one.”Combined with his voice, satang what movies are a lot of work to the public may have no chance to share their grievances mentality, industry struggle the most ideal state does not become a ordinary people, “the film is like this, is to record life, and life a lot of time is flat, is not to say that every day is all climax.”Through the platform of Film Review Today, Shadan encourages young directors not to be discouraged and to believe in themselves if they have talent.Recalling an exchange with the late film master Abbas Kiarostami, he said that Abbas pointed out that young directors need to have two qualities: one is to tell the stories around them, so that they can move the audience first;The second is to control the cost of the film, such as Bi Gan jing for heaven’s “Roadside Picnic” production cost of only 200,000 YUAN.At the same time, Sha Dan also pointed out the necessity of external help, such as in recent years in Chen Sicheng, Ning Hao and other young and middle-aged directors under the excavation and cultivation of the growth of Lu Yang, Wen Muye, Ke Wenli, Dai Mo and other new directors, rely on a good platform to obtain market recognition.”One Jia Zhangke and one Xu Zheng are not enough. If a group of little Xu Zheng and jia Zhangke can be brought out, I think The future of Chinese films will be more promising.”When involved in a hit variety, director Chen kaige once say such words: film this thing is so cruel, is not easy, a lot of pain, a lot of difficult, many singles bargaining, a lot of smirked, many of the surface of the inner depression, many articles, finally set up to something?It’s your loyalty to the movies.”The point of this very poetic statement is to not lose the spirit of the film in the end, no matter what the setback,” Shadan told REVIEW Today.”There are many young directors and filmmakers who are struggling for their film dreams. I wish you all the best to overcome difficulties and climb over mountains and finally have the moment to shake hands with the film.”2022 New Departure, film culture review daily program “Today’s Film Review” every night 19:45 on CCTV-6 movie channel, Monday to Sunday evening prime time, light up your every light and shadow night.