High open high go, volume rose

2022-05-15 0 By

European and US stock markets surged last night on news that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had eased.Today A shares are unusual, high open high, volume rose.Sometimes the periphery rose, A shares are high open low, sometimes the periphery fell, A shares are low open high, people can not understand.In fact, the reason is not so complicated, the influence of the periphery on A shares is more affected by the opening, the trend of A shares itself is the core of analysis.High open high go or low open high go, because A shares itself has the power to rise.Low open low go, or high open low go, because A shares themselves have adjustment demand.This time can open high go, because A shares two days ago volume picked up, shrinkage adjustment, itself has the power to rebound, even last night the United States is down, today A shares are easy to open high.Today’s turnover is 958.1 billion, compared with yesterday’s amplification of close to 100 billion, belongs to a significant increase in volume.Volume rise is sustainable, behind the large probability can blunt blunt, so today I did not sell stocks, or half a warehouse.Tomorrow if continue to blunt high on the plan to begin to reduce positions, rose again on clearance.Northbound funds: net purchases of 12.726 billion.Northbound capital substantial return, behind whether can continue to need further observation.Shanghai Composite Index: The index has walked out of the secondary rebound market I said before, today is a large volume of rise, the secondary rebound has not been finished.But with the rally up 107 points from its lows, it could well be halfway through.The rebound market in falling trend is such, come fast go fast, low buy can’t chase up again, low buy, behind continue to rush high even exit in time.Plate analysis: 1, today, the north large backflow, driving the weight plate collective rise, but whether the north can continue to flow is unknown, the price of weight stocks is sustainable also remains to be observed.2, digital currency: weak in the morning, pulled up in the afternoon, there is still a certain rebound space, such as a rebound after the reduction of positions.3, military aviation: russia-Ukraine conflict easing is bad for military, continue to wait and see.4, water: once again surging, water conservancy plate trend has always been relatively strong, there is a certain rebound space, rebound is the opportunity to reduce positions.Garden: there is a certain rebound space, rebound is the opportunity to reduce positions.6. Main food: The russia-Ukraine conflict is the main food for air, which is generally adjusted today, but it will not change the long-term trend. If it continues to fall, we can continue to pay attention to it.Personal operation strategy: half warehouse, no trading today, tomorrow will continue to blunt high will reduce positions.Fund operation strategy: China Securities 1000 and China Securities 500 can no longer chase up.The rest is just waiting patiently for an opportunity.