Tonight at 20:05, The Chinese team first battle!

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With just two days to go before the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the world’s winter Olympic engagement is clearly in front of us.Curling, the longest event of the Winter Olympics and the only event to be played before the opening ceremony, will debut at the Ice Cube on February 2 at 20:05 Beijing time.Chinese mixed doubles curling pair Ling Zhi/Fan Suyuan will spearhead the Chinese team against Swiss pair Pere/Rios, the silver medalist in the event at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.The ice Cube stadium has four curling tracks A, B, C and D, and the match between China and Switzerland will be held on Track D.It is worth mentioning that the curling mixed doubles event was also the debut of the Chinese Winter Olympic team at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Ling Zhi (1994) and Fan Su Yuan (1996), both making their winter Olympics debuts, led the men’s and women’s success rates in the first two races of the Olympic trials.After that, they formed a new team according to the national training team’s concept of “finding the best partner by adapting different cooperation methods based on the athletes’ individual abilities”.In the end, Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan kept their good form until the end of the trials, and all things considered, the pair got the mixed doubles tickets to the Winter Olympics.Curling mixed doubles debuted as a new sport at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, where Canada’s Morris/Rouse won the title.Budxin/Rui Wang of China took the fourth place.Morris will continue to compete for Team Canada, but he will be paired with Homan, the two world leaders in the sport.Norwegian couple Nedgerten and Skarseleyn, currently number three in the world, will also join forces.Why start two days early?After the announcement of the schedule of the Beijing Winter Olympics, many netizens asked why only curling was held before the opening ceremony.The answer is simple, because the number of events in this sport is going to be a staggering 150.In 2018, eight curling teams competed in mixed doubles at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, while in Beijing, the number increased to 10.A total of 30 teams in men’s, women’s and mixed doubles will compete in the grand round robin, semi-finals, final and bronze medal match.In the grand round, each team has to play each of the other nine teams once, and the final four spots are determined by points.That puts curling at 147 events, the most of any winter Olympic event.The decision was made to move the event forward to ensure that the last gold medal will be awarded on February 20, the closing day of the Winter Olympics.The 19-day project will begin at 20:05 Beijing time on February 2.In addition to ling Zhi/Fan Suyuan in mixed doubles, China also sent the men’s team: Ma Xiuyue, Zou Qiang, Wang Zhiyu, Xu Jingtao and Jiang Dongxu;Women’s team players: Han Yu, Wang Rui, Dong Ziqi, Zhang Lijun, Jiang Xindi.Among them, only Jiang Xindi and Wang Rui have Olympic Games experience.China has failed to win a medal in the last two Winter Olympics after winning the women’s bronze medal in Vancouver, Xinhua reported.Since the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, young players such as Ma Xiuyue and Han Yu have taken on the responsibilities of the national team.Relying on the host status to obtain the full amount of qualification for the Chinese team, this time there are 12 players in the First time to participate in the Winter Olympics, lack of experience, lack of running in the young team is the biggest shortcoming.However, young means physical strength advantage and potential is infinite, in the Winter Olympics curling this many times, long line of marathon competition, look forward to The Chinese team to throw away the fear of difficulty thought, enjoy the winter Olympics time, hit the training level, perhaps have the opportunity in individual games will be strong team “unhorse”.Source:, Beijing Daily client (reporter Li Ge) Part of the picture source: Vision China Producer: Liu Hao editor: Zhang Xiaoying process editor Wu Yue