Ten years ago, the mother of the girl who fell off the building with her bare hands came back to the community 10 years later

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On December 3, 2021, a mother pushes a stroller around the downstairs of her residential complex.A burning cigarette fell from the sky onto the roof of the pram and burned through it, landing inside the pram.The baby was lying in the car at this moment. Fortunately, the cigarette did not fall on the baby’s face or body, and the burning cigarette was found by the parents in time, otherwise it would have become a human tragedy.After the incident, the parents of the baby called the police and the police began to look for the perpetrators.Door-to-door interviews with residents of the building where the cigarette was dropped, but none of them admitted that the cigarette had been thrown from their home.Fortunately, now that science and medicine are advanced, crimes can be solved by medical means, not by questioning.So the police are going to test the saliva left on the butts, take DNA, and run a door-to-door comparison.Because the perpetrators also did not think that the police will take such means, the heart of fear of the perpetrators of such and such initiative to police surrendered.In fact, just because the family does not let smoking, so I ran to the balcony to smoke.In order not to be seen, he threw his cigarette out of the window.But to so-and-so is afraid of family discovery, also can’t throw not extinguished cigarette butts, high altitude parabolic risk is self-evident, has already entered the criminal law.Do not touch the law outside the matter, let alone will cause other people’s property and personal safety loss.Not only do people throw objects, touch laws, but people throw children.It was 20 years ago on November 2nd that a vicious murder shocked the nation.Two loud bangs were heard in a building in The Jinjiang Huafu neighborhood of Nanan District in Chongqing.A two-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy fell one behind the other from a window, motionless and lifeless in a pool of blood.No one could bear to look at the scene, and the children’s father seemed to be in a hurry to get down from the stairs and kneel down before the bodies of the two young children, crying and blaming himself.His performance is comparable to Lin Shengbin, the devil, or even more terrible than him.After all, Lin shengbin didn’t do it himself. Instead, the father grabbed two young children by their ankles and threw them one after the other from a bedroom window.Did he feel guilty when he heard the sound of a young child’s father or his ignorant eyes?Are you scared?Is also this kind of person without humanity how can have conscience, in order to please small three, actually planned such despicable means.I do not know zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen, who have been sentenced to death, have no sincere remorse, not because they are about to pay the price of their lives, but because of the two children who died in vain.Born only a year or two, I have seen the worst evil in the world.Some people are born and unworthy to be human.Some people are parents who don’t deserve to be parents.While some people are willing to risk life and death for other people’s children, such as a shocking thing happened on July 12, 2011.Wu Juping and her husband were out after dinner when they saw a crowd of onlookers at a building. All their eyes were on one place, looking up at a balcony.A little girl was hanging precariously outside the balcony, her tiny body slipping out of the window and threatening to fall.This is ten stories, and if the girl did fall off the balcony, the consequences would be terrible.Even if they don’t fall to their death, they’ll be paraplegic.Property management also sent people to the girl’s home, but there was no one at home and no movement.A call to the owner couldn’t reach the owner.It is dangerous for children to be left alone in the house at such an early age.With this little girl falling so fast, it’s impossible for the police and firefighters to arrive.The crowd of onlookers were hurrying around, but no one could do anything to stop them.The resident of the ninth floor also wanted to pick up the girl on the balcony of the ninth floor, but there was a certain distance between the ninth floor and the tenth floor, so he couldn’t reach the girl at all. Moreover, he couldn’t tell the time of the girl’s whereabouts well.This plan is not feasible, seeing the girl to fall down, but no one has a way, can only helplessly watching such a life fall to death.Everyone prayed in their hearts that time would pass more slowly and the girl would fall more slowly until the firefighters arrived.However, everything went as expected. With a cry of surprise, the girl fell out of the balcony window and her small body fell very fast.It was too soon to blink. Wu Juping, who had been standing at the back of the crowd, did not know where her courage came from. She threw her high heels aside and rushed at a very fast speed to the open space where the girl was falling.Unconsciously, she reached out her hands to pick up the girl, who fell onto Wu juping’s arms faster than anyone expected.The huge gravity directly hit Wu Juping’s arm, and the cushioning gravity instantly knocked Wu Juping unconscious. However, the girl formed resistance due to Wu Juping’s arm, which slowed down the impact of falling.But the girl’s insides still suffered a strong impact, the mouth spilled blood.The crowd carried Wu Juping and the girl into an ambulance and sent them to the hospital.Wu Juping’s left hand was broken into three sections, and sensen’s bones were exposed, which was very serious and required immediate surgery.The girl was no better off. After all, it was a 10-story building, and no one could have escaped unscathed.Besides, it was only a small child. After rescue and operation, the girl was unconscious and under observation in intensive care unit.Perhaps god was also moved by Wu Juping and the little girl, who finally woke up after ten days in a coma.And because of this paragraph of special fate, the girl also recognizes Wu Juping as a godmother, this strange woman saved her life with his great love.Wu Juping was not only reported by the media at home and abroad, invited to do a lot of exclusive interviews, but also won the top ten outstanding people who moved China.Ten years later, now ten years have passed, the little girl has become a graceful young girl, and she is still close to Wu Juping as mother and daughter.And Wu juping’s son, born in 2011, has grown up healthily.Wu Juping and the girl’s family have long lived in that community full of memories.When Wu Juping returned to the community again, she walked to the downstairs where the girl fell. She recalled her courage and was filled with emotion.It is always great to be a mother, and a mother with great love like Wu Juping must have taken the girl as her own child without considering anything else, just the impulse of being a mother.Is also this impulse, let her have a daughter, although not his own but more than his own daughter, ten years, Wu Juping is still in an orderly way of their own life, if she had to choose again, I think she will make such a choice.