Sweet and juicy!Fengdu County, she tan town 2000 mu of tangan led more than 400 farmers to increase income

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Nor, vibrant recently reporter walked into the altar altar town club village see golden citrus compose leaves a gust of wind blowing, sweet smell and the orchard fruit Li Hubing is to choose from, the customer to choose fruit of orange, picking the energy he is full of the joy of harvest “of the fruit of our sweet juicy, many customers are repeat customers.”Li hubing said he has been planting more than 500 warquan trees since 2017. Each tree can pick about 15 kilograms of fruit, which can be sold for 45,000 yuan a year at the lowest market price of 6 yuan per kilogram.Not only that, under the guidance of his children, Li Hubing also learned to live broadcast and became a local “Internet celebrity”. By means of live broadcast and circle of friends, li Hubing also took the express train of “Internet plus”.”Since the launch of Tangan, we have sold the fruit through gift boxes, live streaming and picking by tourists. Now not only people in Fengdu can eat our fruit, but friends all over the country can buy it through the Internet.”Fruit picked that day will be packed and shipped the same day, maximizing freshness, Li said.According to statistics, last year, she Tan Village planted more than 2000 mu of tangerine industry has become a big industry to promote the village of more than 400 farmers to increase their income and get richAccording to the relevant provisions of the Copyright law, please indicate the source of the original works reproduced or quoted by Fengdu Rong Media Center.If you think the content is infringing, please contact us to delete.The hotline for reporting false news is 023-70605233