Sniper starring live was questioned, because the new no popularity at the box office is low, the audience comfort choking

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On Feb 12, a video of Sniper stars Chen Yongsheng and Huang Yan during a live broadcast sparked heated debate online.In the video, a netizen of the two new actors connected to the live broadcast room, but was directly criticized by the netizen, questioning whether the film box office is so low, so little screen is not related to the low popularity of the leading actor, directly asked Chen Yongsheng and Huang Yan “as a new actor can bear the responsibility of the leading role”, the question is quite sharp.When the two stars heard the question, they fell silent for a while, their expressions uncontrollably becoming awkward, and Chen yongsheng even frowned and did not speak for a long time.On the other hand, Huang Yan quickly sorted out his language, saying that if he was a newcomer and affected the film, the film could not be seen by many people, he felt some regret and sadness about it.Perhaps the question is too too not to leave no emotion, Huang Yan after finishing this sentence also some stutter, continue to restore the atmosphere of embarrassment broadcast room, said with a smile hope that the film can be seen by more people.Compared to the netizens who asked too sharp questions, the answers of the two leading actors can be said to be very decent. Many netizens have complained for the two after seeing the video, saying that the leading actors are not wrong, although they are new but perform well, the box office is not ideal for multiple reasons, can not be simply attributed to the actors.Two actors are, in fact, live also got many people who saw the film of “tap water” audience support, starring several audiences and even for jiangyin office manager and Huang Yan wheat when the affirmation and encouragement, and there are those who give his watch films for four times, first time to see when they cry out five bag paper towel, love of “sniper” starring as a few.Chen Yongsheng and Huang Yan heard the audience’s affirmative voice, but also once choked with tears.There is also a female net friend for the two grievances, said that the sharp question of the net friend is very irresponsible, the atmosphere is very warm.In fact, sniper has grossed just over $400 million so far, far less than watergate Bridge and even boonie Bears Returns to Earth.Although director Zhang Yimou has a solid reputation as a national teacher, he was busy preparing for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, so the promotion of the film was handed over to several rookie actors and Zhang Mo, Zhang’s daughter, which didn’t do so well.Now the Spring Festival season is coming to the end, the box office of Sniper should not be more breakthrough, I hope the netizens will not blame the box office failure on the few newcomers, they have done what they should do as the leading actors, what do you think?# Sniper star questioned #, # new star popular #, # Zhang Yimou #