Scientific operation and maintenance technology of shared motorcycles, operation and maintenance management of Small security technology to improve operation efficiency

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After several years of development, the shared motorcycles gradually upgrade from the initial enclosure competition to standardized and intelligent competition in adapting to the changes of market situation.As an intelligent solution service provider always accompanied by the development of shared motorcycles, Xiao an Technology has provided the industry with many parking solutions such as “RFID +90° fixed point orientation” when the government has put forward requirements for standardized parking of shared motorcycles, helping operating enterprises to achieve scientific management of vehicles.While providing technical solutions for operating enterprises, Xiao ‘an Technology has always maintained a high level of attention to the needs of the shared motorcycle industry.Shared with the electric bicycle industry needs, Ann technology is what idea, becoming increasingly prevalent in the industry standardization, vehicles today, the quantity was gradually increased operating gradually stabilizing stage and operation enterprise to obtain more stable development and wider income channel, fine operation became a vital link,In the overall solution specially developed by Xiao ‘an Technology for the shared motorcycle industry, the software platform functions in the operation and maintenance management module to provide all-round assistance from operation and maintenance auxiliary technology to operation and maintenance personnel management.On the operational support to the operating enterprise, Ann software platform will run through the analysis of the large data area the user’s actual find car, car, vehicles, equipment, offline, cycling trends show on the map, by means of heat to help run the enterprise more intuitive controls the user state of actual demand, in order to more scientific and effective operations,Let more vehicles appear in areas with greater demand, and improve the utilization rate of vehicles.Another important thing is to scientific and convenient management of operations staff, Ann technology operations management module will operations staff of each work order of operations to create a real-time digital statistics, operations staff in electricity, maintenance, inspection, and vehicle behavior will produce real-time work order and generate large data analysis chart, and according to the number set up to generate statistics and performance calculation;At the same time, when the o&M task is issued, it can be created and assigned to people through the O&M task module, which reduces the communication cost and burden.In terms of the area management and allocation function, the operation and maintenance area can be divided by the area management function of the Small Security Technology operation and maintenance management and the person in charge can be assigned in place, which is convenient for the overall management of the operation and maintenance.Along with the development of the Shared electric bicycle industry, elaborating the importance of operating will stand out more, the more companies will need more by operating the vehicle refinement operations improve vehicle utilization rate, reduce invalid brought increases the cost of operations, to ensure that maximize the effect of car, increase revenue and solve the problem of vehicle gathered brings to the urban management.