Meng Dongli visited the retired veteran cadres of professional and technical personnel

2022-05-14 0 By

Meng Dongli, chairman of the Pingguo Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), visited retired senior cadres and professional and technical personnel on January 24, sending them Spring Festival greetings.The retired veteran cadres Xu Zhongshi, Liu Chengliang home, dong li a cordial conversation with them, careful questioning their life and health, give them consolation money and caffeine arts, told them to take good care of yourself, my retirement, bless their health, and hope, continue to focus on the retired veteran cadres and support the development of pingguo,Impart good experience, act as a good adviser, play a good role, jointly promote pingguo economic and social development.Professional and technical personnel in sympathy when bao-zhen huang, dong li ask for details of the work and life of bao-zhen huang, thank him for his made contributions to the development of pingguo encouraged him to continue in the New Year, in the field of professional and technical studies assiduously, bold innovation, solid completes the labor of duty, give full play to the mentoring role, drive train more technical backbone and the excellent talents,Contribute wisdom and strength to promote pingguo’s high-quality economic and social development.(Reporter: Zhou Jing, Huang Yandie)